due to my recent desperation I attempted the world of online dating. Whilst in the past I had some success, today has put me off for life I think.

i had been chatting to what appeared to be a slutty Young bicusrious woman who suggested we meet up. I agreed to this on the basis I would meet them in a public area to be safe.

after a week or 2 of this person constantly initiating sexual conversation, and a couple of hours decides to inform me he is I’m fact a man and he has been sending pictures of his girlfriend.

not only this but several hours later the sick fuck tries to convince me it was all a joke and it’s really a woman, which again was a lie.

now this pig sent emails from his private email providing me his full name, city he lives in and many pictures of his girlfriend which he seems to think was consensual.

If anyone has any ideas on how to show this piece of scum that it’s not nice to play with people’s feelings, especially when you don’t know them or what they are capable of please contact me.

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