Reality television

I am a massive fan of low quality reality television, the harder to watch the better. I feel that these programs do, to some degree represent everything that is wrong with modern culture but still, it makes me for funny stoned viewing.

My favorites include any of the works of Chris Abrego. The man clearly wonders the streets of America looking for the scummiest, most egotistical individuals he can find (and he does very well). The seasons include various Z list celebrities such as Flava Flav and Bret Michaels (both classy men when it comes to dating).

The general jist of the seasons (they are all fundamentally the same), is that these whores and neanderthals do various demeaning challenges in order to win dates with said celebrity, eventually getting banged in Cannon (every season) and one of them will be chosen as their, partner, fuck buddy, publicity whore, who knows.

My favorite of all of Chris’s shows is Tila Tequalia’s  shot at love. The woman is an embarrassment to the LGBT community and comes out as a bisexual for the first time, at least 20 times in the first 2 episodes. Just watching the fake tears, poor acting, people degrading themselves as well as Tila whoring herself out makes for addictive viewing. It is quite difficult to find these shows to stream or download in the UK but I assure you torrents are out there and you will laugh your tits off for hours. The are available for purchase on iTunes.

Whilst these constitute my favorite reality shows we must not forget the likes of the real housewives of fucking everywhere, big rich wherever as well as the recent joys ITV has had to offer such as Girlfriends and Freshers.

If you have any suggestions for me at all, the more cringe-worthy the better, please get in touch.

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