Legal Highs

Legal highs have had a large underground culture for over a decade now, but it is only recently thanks to articles from publications from the daily mail from deaths involving legal highs.
I first got into legal highs when I was about 20 (2008) when there was already a large amount of people taking these substances throughout the world already. Having stopped smoking weed for about 9 months at the time, and becoming bored with sobriety I did a lot of research into the most popular substances on the market before making a purchase.
I made the decision on some powder, inside a gel tablet called Sub Coca by neorganics, who are strangely still in business.
I would like to mention that I have a very addictive personality and very little self discipline. If I abuse something, it is more a reflection on my behaviors than the substance itself.
I enjoyed the range of products for many months on a basis which was more frequent to be healthy. At the time I wasn’t in the greatest shape anyway (no exercise ever, smoked 20 a day, poor sleep and diet), I started to feel physically worse.
I spent a few months binging on various legal stimulants, I thought Christmas had come early when Mmcat first became easily available online, spending less time with my friends, doing my uni work or anything else productive.
I then discovered the range of herbal incense available. Having been a stoned for years, being stuck in a new town where I struggled to source anything, this stuff was a god send. The first product I tried was called “Skunk, a new breed of weed”, I still have the original tin. This stuff blew my head off, not having smoked anything in months, realising I could get this stuff sent to my door the next day, I was happy as a pig in shit. I then experimented with the Spice range which at the time where just about the only range of cannabanoids available on the market, until it exploded. People were unsure what was in Spice, there was speculation for months on the internet on what it could be. The ingredient list included a variety of natural herb extracts, some people believed it, some people were more sceptical. A lab analysis was done and it became clear that the active ingredient in Spice was JWH-018, a synthetic cannabanoid (created in a lab but works on the same receptors of the brain that cannabis does).
JWH was soon banned by the UK government but it wasn’t long before the people working in the research chemical industry came up with something which circumvented these laws yet created a similar affect. The current range of herbal incense is unbelievable, there are so many different names available, they all fundamentally do the same thing, they just contain different types of cannabanoids with different ratios. This is how the research chemical/legal highs industry works, as soon as the government bans a substance they just create something else. It is incredibly clever but incredibly dangerous. We don’t know what level of testing is going into these products or what the negative effects can be, it is a risk we take.
The reason why the media has become more aware of research chemicals/legal highs is because of the rising number of deaths and hospital admissions where these chemicals have played a part. Obviously I believe that if you are in genuine fear for your life/health you should seek immediate medical attention but I feel that the majority of these cases are down to people either freaking out due to lack of experience/research or these drugs are getting in the hands of the wrong people.
It is possible to use drugs responsibly, some people like a glass of wine when they get home from work. I don’t, it tastes like piss, I like to relax in other ways. I am a fully grown adult and I take responsibility for my actions and what I put in my body, I don’t feel that the substances themselves are to blame. Another point is that the government have created this demand by outlawing drugs, they are partially to blame. It is human nature to want to alter one’s consciousness and we should be given then choice to do so as long as we’re not hurting anyone else.
Whilst I no longer indulge in stimulants (I train a lot and can’t afford the loss of calories/muscle and come down) I will admit that I do still indulge in synthetic cannabanoids as well as cannabis. I enjoy the differences between smoking the two, and the moment I feel that any detriment is being caused to my health I will cease to smoke it, but still it was my choice to do so and I will only have myself to blame.

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