Lady Grey Latte

As a coffee hater I cannot abide this new culture of a Starbucks or Costa on every street corner, I just cannot get my head around it or people’s obsession with coffee (ADDICTS!!).
I spent an unfortunate period of time working in a place that served Barista style coffee and became quite handy with an espresso machine and milk steamer.

I cannot take full credit for this drink as there is a similar recipe on Starbucks website however, this item is not on there menu nor have I found a place that serves this particular drink (unless you asked me when I worked in a coffee shop a few months ago).

This can be done with either Lady Grey or Earl Grey, it is down to preference:
1: Place milk, tea bag, shot of vanilla and caramel syrup in milk jug.
2: Heat milk until desired temperature
3: Remove any froth from milk and serve in glass

Apparently by drinking this I have made myself 10 times gayer (I can live with that) but they are incredibly tasty and good on a cold day.

Give it a try and let me know what you think or any alterations.


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