“Herbal Incense”

I have tried a fair few synthetic blends over the years so I will share with you my thoughts and experiences with some of these blends:


Possibly my favourite herbal incense as it completely knocks you on your arse. I have had many enjoyable experiences with doob, couch locked, giggling away at something on the tv, but it has sent me on a whitey on a couple of occasions which was just horrible. It made me go dizzy and throw up quite violently, but as soon as I was done puking I felt fine. I did witness someone (this person is irresponsible with their drug use and doesn’t understand why you should be careful when it comes to the dose you are taking of unknown substances) pass out after smoking doob, fall on the floor and start twitching for a few seconds before I was able to bring him round. You do need to be careful with this stuff it is extremely strong.

Squidgy Black

This stuff is disgusting. The taste is just vile and slightly familiar yet I can’t think what it reminds me off. Me and my housemate struggled to get through the smallest amount of this because it tasted so very horrible. The high was very mild and not worth the horrid taste. I would never recommend this product to anyone.

Green Crack

I quite like Green Crack, it has a pineapple smell to it and it reasonably strong without being panic inducing. My local head shop sell this one so it is easy to pop down the road when I want to get wrecked and lie on the sofa doing nothing after a long week. I like this blend, I would recommend it.

Strawberry Cough

Again, this one is quite similar to Green Crack as I believe it is made by the same manufacturers however, as you can imagine it has a Strawberry taste.

Skunk A New Breed Of Weed

This was the first incense blend I ever tried, I was at university at the time and couldn’t find any weed. This stuff I think was made from JWH-018 and was pretty strong, I still have the tin it came in when it was first released. It was made by Herbal Highs, they have adapted their blends to the current laws, they now have a Skunk Mrk V, I haven’t tried this product so I can’t comment on it.


Spice was one of the first herbal incense to be launched, at the time people seemed to believe that the ingredient list on the back, which claimed various extracts of natural herbs, was actually true. Spice Gold was then released and at some point a test was done which showed that spice was made from synthetic cannabanoids. The Spice products were still insanely popular, there were other variations of Spice such as Spice Diamond, Spice arctic synergy as well as Spice tropical synergy. Spice products are still currently available. I haven’t tried Spice in many years, I used to enjoy it when I couldn’t get any weed but never found it particularly overwhelming, even the stronger versions.

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