Online dating

As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I do have profiles on online dating sites, I figured as I wasn’t having any luck it couldn’t hurt. But I have failed to even have any luck with this, how bad is that??

I joined plenty of fish (thought why not), I met a woman on there, she was incredibly irritating and not my type at all but insisted on inviting herself round to my house for a second date. It took a a lot of ignoring to get rid of that one.

The only other experience I have had meeting someone from a dating site is when I met a woman around Christmas time for after a while of chatting wanted to meet up and hook up. I went to her house, we watched a film for a bit and then went up stairs. I would like to point out that I was lured over with promises of things that she was going to do to me of a sexual nature however, after doing her she just decided to roll over and that was it. I was very frustrated but thought never mind. She then decided she didn’t want to see me again, I feel like I am owed some sex here! Haha, how very selfish.

There are a few lesbian dating apps such as Her and Brenda, as well as Gaydar girls but I have found these disappointing and find that the ugly and fat ones talk to me and the fit ones ignore me.

I am starting to think that if I can’t even get a date with someone I like through online dating there is no hope.

I will keep prowling, there must be a lady out there somewhere for me!

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