Popular legal high of the past

i first discovered legal highs around 2009. The legal high scene was very limited in regards to the products that were available now as the market at that time was reasonably small due to quite a small community who were aware of legal highs at the time.

During this time websites such as everyonedoesit were incredibly popular due to their sale of legal highs, something they no longer deal in. I also used to use legithit and feedmybush for neorganics products and synthetic smoking blends.

Spice, spice gold and spice diamond were all very popular smoking blends and can be read about in this post.

Spice diamond

The neorganics range sub coca, doves and spirits were insanely popular but I believe they had to keep changing their recipe due to changes in frug laws and the products just weren’t as good.


BZP was a favourite for a few years, I assume because it was just about the only legal stimulant available at the time. There are a few piperzines used for recreational purposes such as TFMPP, mCPP, pFPP, MeOPP and MBZP. I personally hate these substances and see no recreational value, they create a horrible body load and kill all appetite an ability to sleep whilst causing bad headaches and dehydration. Thankfully these products have little place in the market anymore due to newer and more recreational substances being released.


Mephedrone was at one time a very popular legal high until it became overly popular and it gained a lot of media attention under stupid names such as “meow meow”. The quality of Mephedrone while legal was usually very good as it was coming from labs in China in bulk and then being sold by reputable online retailers. Now it’s illegal it’s probably cut to fuck. As well as mephedrone there was the slightly less popular methylone which I never tried.


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