The jinx HBO 

so I watched all 6 parts of the jinx in one sitting. Even my housemate enjoyed it and it’s not really her thing. So this is purely my opinion on it.

It’s hard to believe that Bob durst is innocent of any of the murders which he is suspected of. His first wife diseappered in 1982 and durst gave conflicting evidence about when he last spoke to her and where he was the night she went missing. He then admitted to dismembering his ‘friend’ Morris black but was apparently done in self defence as black was going to shoot him and the thought that the police wouldn’t believe him. He somehow managed to get the jury to believe this and got off. There is then the murder of Susan berman which he kind of incriminated himself with in the series. Someone had given the producers of the show a note from Robert durst to Susan berman which was in the same handwriting as a note which Robert had said only the killer could have written. They even had a forensic document examiner look at the handwriting and they agreed it was a match. This was presented to durst at the end of the series, it clearly made him uncomfortable and this led to him saying, “what did I do? Killed them all of course”. When he was still mic’d up but didn’t realise when he was in the bathroom.

This wasn’t the first time that he spoke to himself believing that he was off camera. There was a point in an earlier episode where he is sat on the sofa and starts saying to himself that he never intentionally lied, that he made mistakes but never intentionally lied. His attorney comes over and warns him that people can hear him, he clearly gets a bit nervous and starts trying to justify what he was saying. 

I think that Robert durst killed them all of course, and he wanted to talk about it, yet somehow believed that he was untouchable. He is quite open in the interviews about the people who were murdered, I don’t understand why you would be so open about a murder you are suspected of. 

I think that the series has done some good in getting justice as some new evidence came to light when the old friend of Susan gave the letter to the producers. Hopefully durst will finally get sent down for murder since he has managed to evade it for so long.

I found the series pretty easily by googling it, I would recommend watching it.

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