Lesbian Dating Apps

There has been an influx of online dating since the invention of the smartphone since we can know grimace at people’s ugly faces whilst bored at work rather than just from the privacy of our own computer.


As a single lesbian (and very single at that) I have tried a number of sites and thought I would give you my opinions:

HER {formerly known as Dattch): I am not a huge fan of this one as there seems to be limited users and it just keeps coming up with the same ones. If I were interested then I would have contacted them by now. The one good thing about this app is it is made by women for women so it is less vulgar than the likes of tinder and what not.


Plenty of fish: I am ashamed to say I have had some look with this app, whilst it is not a lesbian app it caters for all quite well I feel. There are some absolute monsters on there (I have a friend who is slowly working his way through them). I do find that the fit ones ignore me and the pigs all want to talk to me, I never log on unless someone messages me, I get ignored by enough attractive women in real life.


Brenda: I quite liked this app, there isn’t a great deal of information to put on your profile but you can put up a few pictures and works in a location based way so shows who is closest to you first in the list, there are a surprising amount of members and worth checking out.


Gaydargirls: This site is just awful, there seem to be few members anymore and very little activity, I think times have moved on.


OkCupid: Not a bad one as seems to be less catfishes and whores than the rest, seems more of a relationship site than I am looking for a shag site which is nice to see for a change.


There is a new App called SCISSR available in iPhone (not iPad) but not yet android. I have given it a try but not for me, as it is so new new there are few members, especially near me. What have I got to do to get laid for god’s sake?!


If anyone knows of anymore, please let me know!

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