10 drugs documentaries worth watching


I am a fan of the documentary, I like to learn useless information however, drugs is a subject which I am particularly interested in, here are my top 10; if anyone has any suggestions please comment.

10: Legally high

This documentary was made in 2013 just as the “legal high” or research chemical market was becoming more prominent due to press attention. I watched this one a while ago, whilst not great it is worth watching if you have any interest in research chemicals as well as disdain for people who pay no regard to harm reduction. Unfortunately the link doesn’t work in the UK but if i remember correctly this is the one with the idiot who bought RCs online and then sold them to his friends under a different name, giving them no opportunity to do any research, although most of them were too young and stupid to have bothered.

9: Can I get high legally

This was a particularly poor and uninformative documentary made by the BBC, presented by the massive twat that is George Lamb. Lamb goes round trying to discuss legal drugs with users and scientists and it is blatantly clear throughout that he has done little research and has no clue what he is on about. The highlight of this documentary is Lamb trying some legal highs and flying off to Pluto in front of the cameras.

8: LSD, magic mushrooms & CIA mind control

There are several documentaries which look at how the US military tested psychoactive drugs on members of the military as well as the public without giving full disclosure of the experiments. There are survivors of these experiments who have been interviewed about their experiences and they are just horrific. The dosages that test subjects were given were just insane, and to put someone in uncomfortable surroundings whilst in that state is just cruel. Also it was stated that people would be spiked at random in the office, one minute they would be going about their business walking down the street, the next they’re tripping balls and have no idea why.

The idea behind the research was to create a weapon to use against enemies which would render them unable to fight. It was eventually determined that this type of treatment was inhumane and the tests were supposedly stopped.

7: Super High Me

A similar premise to super size me, comedian Doug Benson spends 30 days sober, then 30 days blazed out of his mind. There isn’t really a great deal to learn from this documentary, it is just funny if you’re high.

6:Louis Theroux; the city addicted to crystal meth
(Can’t find a YouTube link but can be found on Netflix)
In this documentary Theroux travels to Central Valley, Fresno in California, a place which has been ravaged by methamphetamine. Whilst it is interesting and sad to see the state that Meth has driven these people to, I am not a fan of Theroux’s interviewing techniques. I find that he pussyfoots around his interviewees and is almost too scared to ask what he wants, leaving the audience feeling unfililled.

5: Heroin, Hooked: illegal drugs ep 2.

Similar to number 2, this episode focuses on heroin rather than cocaine.

4: Metamorphosis: Ayahuasca documentary

There are backpacking trips you can go on where you stay in a remote village and a shaman leads you through an Ayahusca trip (not for the faint hearted). There is a strict diet which must be followed prior to ingesting the plant as to not cause serotonin syndrome or similar (I could be wrong). There are several steps of taking the plant before you become fully submerged in the trip, there is a lot of purging and unpleasant psychical affects, but once you finally achieve the trip I hear it is life changing. It is reported that until you see a snake which tries to eat you, you have not entered fully into the trip, there are many reports of this, some people believe the snake is the spirit of the plant.
Ayahusca can be bought from head shops but I would never recommend such an intense drug unless you are in the correct settings such as with a shaman.

3: Culture High

Culture high looks at the modern day attitude on the drug war on cannabis, it looks at why cannabis may have been made illegal and the modern day attitude to pot smoking.

2:Cocaine, Hooked: illegal drugs ep 3.

The history channel did an interesting series about the history of illegal drugs and how they became acceptable OTC medications to the cause of many problems in society. Both cocaine and heroin were given OTC as cough supp-resents (hence codeine now being available instead). The documentary looks at the uses of these medications and what caused the changes in drug laws.

1:Dirty Pictures

I was initially very excited about this release, but then forgot about it in true stoner style. It is a documentary looking particularly at the life of Alexander Shulgin who is a pioneer in the drugs industry. The documentary looks at research into psychedelic compounds and how these can be used medically to help people with metal health problems as well as unlocking parts of the mind that we have yet to understand.

Obviously there are many drugs documentaries out there, these are just a handful that I picked out. If anyone has any recommendations then please get in touch with me.

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