Useful tools for stoners

So here is a picture of my stash box:

 There are some items in there I couldn’t do without, as well as there being some other useful makeshift or purchasable paraphernalia.

So the skunk box (quite an old tin from an old herbal blend) contains the drugs. At the moment we have some cannabis, diclazepam and some rc herbal incense, which will make for an unproductive evening.

The spongebob tin contains tools such as papers, the end of a clipper for unblocking pipes or pushing down joints. I also have a small blade fir scraping the resin off my grinder when it starts to stick.

There are 2 grinders in my box. I have a space case for cannabis and crystal catching, I also have a cheap plastic one for other herbs i don’t want to taint my space case.


I like to have more than one lighter just in case, I buy lighter fluid rather than keep buying disposable lighters, I find this slightly cheaper but how expensive are lighters really??!

There is also a hash grater for the rare occasion that any solid comes my way, this has not been used in some time.


I have an insane amount of baggies because that was the minimum the shop would let me buy and you never know when you may need them!

I do have an electronic cigarette however, I don’t use this anymore as I managed to quit smoking cigarettes.

Tobacco however, is needed as my preferred route of administration is via shottie.


The last item is my in case of emergency key chain, this is a small metal tube with a screw on end so you can carry a small amount of drugs with you, this is especially useful during a stressful work day.

Some people swear by rolling mats, personally as I don’t smoke spliffs these are of no use to me.

Travel pipes are useful when you find yourself unable to roll due to wind or lots of people. Some of the pipes are designed to look as subtle as possible as you could get away with using it outdoors.

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