Head shops – Leeds

So after a nasty bout of insomnia lasting several weeks and my local head shop running out of diclazepam, I went on the search for for a different head shop today to see what I could find. I would have been able to cope one more sleepless night but due to the bank holiday any postage would have been delayed, OTC sleep aids such as nytol and sominex do nothing for me so I went in search if something else before I can get to the doctors for a prescription.

Back a couple of years ago head shops mainly specialised in bongs and other smoking paraphernalia a long with the odd BZP pill or bag of Amsterdam shite that was basically just twigs and herbs. Since the increase in the research chemical market there are more and more head shops popping up across the UK.

I took a trip to Leeds city centre knowing of at least 3 head shops selling research chemicals. Being a bank holiday my first two port of calls; Dr Herman’s and Fantasia were both closed for the day. I had seen that there was a new head shop in Hyde Park called Rudeboy so thought I would see if this retailer could be my savior.

The shop is at the end of Hyde Park and not very noticeable, the owner was stood outside chatting to a window cleaner and politely invited me inside. It isn’t a large shop but I noticed that he had a reasonable amount of rc’s behind the counter.

In the past when trying to find legal benzos in a head shop I have been limited to etizolam (love it) and diclazepam (not so recreational) which is sold under the brand name “get calm and carry on”. Rudeboy’s had a much more interesting selection than other shops I had visited so I picked up some, nifoxipam (just tested it, quite subtle but pleasant), diclazepam for sleep, clonazolam, pyrazolam and flubromazepam (apparently I’m very brave).

I also picked up some herbal incense whilst I was there, sensate, spun out and clockwork orange reloaded. So far I have tried the sensate and whilst not overpowering it is quite a pleasant high and doesn’t taste like arse like some.

It would appear this is quite a new head shop, it is in an ideal location being near Hyde Park and the university so I don’t think there will be a great deal of competition with the other stores in Leeds city centre.

I would thoroughly recommend this shop, friendly owner, good prices and a good variety of products.

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