Awesome prices, shocking service – Aldi


So after having a recent negative experience at the hands of the idiots of Aldi’s complaint team I thought I would share it.
On my way home from work (never your happiest time) I went into Aldi to purchase a single item as it was on the way. Upon entering the store I found myself crammed between elderly people and middle aged people in tracksuits manically ramming each other out of the way for a pack of biscuits. After several physical injuries I finally made it to the checkout section with my one box of cat food to discover queues a mile long whilst staff stood around chatting shit to each other. One of the cashiers for some reason just got up, despite the 5 people in her queue and went outside for 5 minutes. Eventually another woman came to a till but was more interested in the conversation with her colleague than actually doing some work.
After what felt like an eternity I was able to get the fuck out of that scum ridden hell hole to go home and feed my cat. Aldi stores I find are commonly quite unhygienic places and smell like rancid milk! I can only assume that they are putting as much effort into their cleanliness as they are customer service, I guarantee if you went at their floor with an industrial floor cleaner, it would probably end up stuck in a pile of filth and strange foreign branded items. the bitter bastard that I am I sent an email to Aldi about this as I have been in a few times and it is always staff stood around idly and massive queues. This email was sent on the 6th of April, still no response even though I had been told the store manager would contact me regarding my complaint.
I chased this up as I imagine there is a time scale in which complaints need to be responded to, I was then told that no one would ever contact me and there was nothing that could be done.
I received a half arsed apology from a call centre worker who didn’t seem to understand how frustrating it is when a company lies to you, kept me on hold for ages and basically fobbed me off as no explanation for the lack of staffing was given and why I was mis informed. His general attitude was that he didn’t care as it was nothing to do with him which further annoyed me.
I sent a tweet to try get a quick response, obviously they were more useless and had the audacity to ask if there was anything else they could do to help me today. When I requested more than a half arsed apology surprisingly they didn’t reply. So no correspondence or regulator details given, seems strange for such a large company.
Anyway I won’t be returning to Aldi, firstly I quite simply don’t have time to waste in their queues and anywhere that charges for bags are tight fisted bastards.
If anyone could do me the honor of re blogging this it would be much appreciated as Aldi need to improve their customer service greatly.

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