sweet leaf obliteration herbal incense review

The name says it all really; obliteration. This stuff is either stupidly strong or my tolerance has gone down, which is unlikely. This blend caught me off guard with it’s strength so be careful is my advice. Here is a picture of the back of the packet:

IMG_0338 (2)

This blend is particularly in-offensive in terns of aroma as some are pretty nasty which is a benefit and reasonably priced at at £14 for 3g from purechemicals.net.

This blend completely wiped me out initially, I fell asleep some after using it after being in a state of retardedness which i quite enjoyed. It is not very long lasting so you are able to function again within 40 minutes or so after using.

I would recommend this blend to people experienced with herbal incense but certainly not beginners as I can see this one potentially leading to panic attacks and whiteys.

Overall I would give this blend a 9/10, very pleased with it as a seasoned user of such herbal incense blends.

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