insane suggestion to blanket ban pretty much everything

All high street head shops have been “asboed” as they put it from selling any forms of research chemicals or legal highs however, they are still available in abundance online.

The law that the government wants to pass defines psychoactive substances as:

(a) is capable of producing a psychoactive effect in a person who consumes it, and
(b) is not an exempted substance.

It is the definition of “psychoactive” which, rightly, has attracted the most

This far too vague a wording, obviously though nicotine, tobacco and caffeine are exempt or there would be further outrage.

It seems that there are non psychoactive substances which would fall under this law such as; hops filled pillows, the scent of flowers or air fresher as well as certain vaping liquids which contain certain additives.

In my opinion no good can come of this, the government have made themselves look like a bunch of tits yet again, the wording og that bill is so poor that it needs to be looked at and complete overhauled. Not only this but by making all drugs illegal they are creating a larger and more dangerous black market which costs tax payers a fortune for them to keep fighting the unwinnable drugs war.

I will be very disappointed if this law passes, what are your thoughts on this?

4 thoughts on “insane suggestion to blanket ban pretty much everything”

  1. They’re all working to build up a world of alcohol, which is not worth living. It is hard to stand those zombies, if you’re not drunk too. I’ll hide at home and keep all doors shut….
    How about you? 8:o)=


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