Sweet Leaf C-Liquid review

As you can tell by previous posts I am a fan of C-Liquids, I can get high on the go and in public without anyone suspecting, and some of them are pretty good.

I have so far tried the herbal oils vanilla and blueberry (bubblegum flavour really doesn’t appeal to me). I think this was my favourite of all the C-Liquids as it tasted really good and was quite strong. The only downside is the price, at roughly £2o for 4ml that is insane, I can’t afford that.


You will also see my review of on the Buddah Blues liquids, the most expensive, again at £20 for 4ml is lovely but again is too expensive to consider, the cheaper alternatives task horrid.


I noticed that purechemicals were selling C-Liquid at £20 for 10ml which I though was more reasonable. I initially bought their own brand, gummi bear flavour, whilst it wasn’t unpleasant it was overly sweet, I don’t know if it was my e-cig (never had an issue before or since) but I struggled to get a good hit off it.


I then tried the sweet leaf C-liquid on their site, which is the same price and I am currently using, I have even bought another bottle because I enjoyed it so much.
It has a reasonably good strength, not overpowering but gives a nice subtle high that is definitely noticable, and tastes almost like tropic fruits. I would recommend this C-Liquid to anyone who uses it. Due to it’s good strength, taste and excellent price. I will be sticking to this product for now.


Anyone else use C-Liquid? What is your brand of choice, or what are your thoughts? Let me know.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Leaf C-Liquid review”

  1. Hi Space Cowgirl, nice blog 🙂 I am having some trouble with my weed guy at the moment, I won’t go in to any details but the guy is a complete dick and a liability. I don’t want to deal with him any more and his gear is whack as fuck anyway.

    I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore but I do enjoy a nice vape instead. I have looked around online and found Sweat Leaf C-Liquid. When I delved further I came across your blog which has some nice reviews of a few “Herbal Incense” blends. My only reservations about trying these particular class of drugs is the amount of people ending up in the hospital or worse. I am a veteran of many class A’s, B’s, and C’s back in the day and I’ve always been super careful regarding dosages. I figured if I went for a mild blend and took it in very small increments and slowly go from there, I should be ok (hopefully).

    Anyways, I have ordered my Sweat Leaf liquid from a trusted UK source so hopefully I should have it by Tuesday or Wednesday. I will come back here and give a detailed review.


  2. Hey SpaceCowgirl. I too really enjoyed the Sweet Leaf liquid and tried the more expensive c-liquids you first speak about. Sweet Leaf is definitely the better deal but China has now banned a huge amount of RC chemicals from being produced and that includes 5f-AKB as found in Sweet Leaf so it will undoubtedly be much harder to find.

    Just a warning to those who are thinking of using. Have a think and make sure this is something your really want to get into. I was at uni when i started using and due to its ease of use spent several months constantly high on this and it almost had detrimental effects on my final grade. It’s also shorter acting than weed but much more intense, not really comparable imo. Personally i really enjoyed this but others may not.

    Take it slow and be safe.


    1. Hey,
      Thanks for your comment. I wasn’t aware of China’s ban on 5f-AKB. You are absolutely right about being safe and careful when ingesting these substances. The new generation of noids have ridiculous binding affinity on receptors.
      I had noticed that a particular batch of liquid had been unavailable a few months ago for quite some time, but I am calming it down and haven’t been actively looking into any drug news or anything.


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