My attempt at making C-Liquid

After paying obnoxious prices for C-Liquids (no offence to any vendors, if you can you may as well), I though I would attempt my own. I found a guide online here which seemed pretty straight forward.


i did the math for the 5f-AKB-48 and has to guestimate the dosage for the THJ-018 as Google wasn’t being my friend. I would never recommend guessing dosage for research chemicals but I am stupid, experienced and have the tolerance of an ox. I placed 500mg of each chemical in 40ml of 0mg (nicotine) e liquid.

I mixed the two in a small container which was able to withstand heat and placed the container in a tray if hot water which was being gently heated on the stove.

unnamed (2)

I heated the mixture for some time but the cannabanoids wouldn’t dissolve so I tried the microwave method. I placed the container in the microwave fir small amounts of time(seconds) stirred it and let it cool slightly. I kept repeating the process until the powder had dissolved, I left the mixtures out to cool. Initially as you can see the mixture was clear but for some reason became cloudy when moved to another, clean jar.

unnamed (3)

I believe it is risidual THJ-018 as it was in brown like crystal form. So I separated my 2 liquids and labelled them to avoid confusion.

unnamed (4)

I filled the tank using a cooking syringe I found in a store that sells everything and waited patiently for my crappy ion battery to charge (need to buy a lithium, variable voltage on payday).

So one my battery was ready to go, with a brand new coil in my e cigarette, I started vaping the strawberry 5f-AKB48. To start with, I’m not sure if it was because my e cig hadn’t been used in a few days or if it was the consistently on the liquid (which appeared to be the same as standard liquid, just cloudy) but I struggled to get a good hit as if my e cig was blocked or it was struggling to heat up the liquid. After a few times of letting the could heat up it worked a treat? Admittedly it looks odd and it is difficult to package and get into your tank but the strength is better than any C-Liquid I have ever tried on the market, possibly due to the large ratio I used, and there is no adverse taste from the process so it tastes lovely. Because of the amount of money this saved me, I hope to master the process over time by keeping creating my own C-Liquids.

I haven’t yet tried the THJ-018 liquid, but when I do I will report back. Just to make you aware the process was exactly the same, just a different cannabanoid.

4 thoughts on “My attempt at making C-Liquid”

  1. What you think about 5f? It theems it’th bad for your toothflesh and provoketh bleeding ath far as I know. Ithn’t there anything elth to add?
    …and thtill I prefer pure AKB48 to the 5F Thing, don’t you?


  2. wont acetone / methanol infuse the powder to the e liquid, like they do for hebal incense?. obviously don’t light the acetone or methanol before it’s fully desolved lol


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