Second life WTF?!

As I work in SEO I come across a great deal of random and bizarre websites everyday. I have considered a section for worst website of the week, but I feel this is slightly mean. Yesterday as I was trawling my inbox looking for web,asters to work with, I came across this. Now I was so utterly baffled by this site, especially being unaware of Second Life that I spent a good half an hour of my working day reading through the news sections whilst me and my colleagues pissed ourselves laughing. Due to curiosity as we couldn’t quite work out the point I did some further research. It turns out that this website sells avatars and accessories to be used within the Second life platform however, the descriptions of the characters are just ridiculous for example we have Carlo (one of my favourites)!, what really tickled me was the description of the avatar as quoted below: Carlo has a Mediterranean appearance, with a slight Asian touch. Sensitive and yet full of temperament, always looking for an adventure. The smooth and clear facial details give CARLO the appearance of a man when we are most wild and hungry for new experiences and discoveries. But take a closer look at him and you can see our designers attention to detail: A man’s eyes mirror his soul and this man is sizzling with heat and energy.    As we had no idea what use this avatars had we had a good laugh at the various descriptions and pictures, I then read that the avatars were to be used within the game Second Life. Again, due to curiosity I did a little bit of research and downloaded the game to test it out. Honestly, I can’t get my head round it but I only played for about 15 minutes so far. It is a 3d virtual reality world where characters can interact with each other or objects within the game. The game has its own currency  L$, if you open a paid for account you are given monies to use otherwise you are left to fend for yourself.  There are reports of people making large sums of money from this game as the currency can be sold back to USD, and with the ability to generate income within the game. There is a high level of entrepreneurial activity within the game with the ability to buy and sell real estate. Also all users retain the rights to any objects they create within the game meaning they can sell them on within the game. There are reports of people starting relationships through second life as well as access to speak to the Swedish embassy, which I think is just bizarre. I will give second life some further investigation but to me it appears a platform for lonely people (lonelier than me ha) with nothing better to do. There is no objective to this game you are merely left to your own devices to wonder round and communicate with out people or purchase objects.

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