Research chemicals still available to buy on high street

On my way through town earlier I noticed one of the news stories was something like lethal legal highs back on sale in York,  upon returning home I checked their website (I’m not buying it!) and came across this.

Apparently a specific shop in York is still selling incense blends if you ask over the counter. I do not want to name said shop as I think the people who work their are lovely and if you live locally you will know who I mean anyway. However, I feel this was a silly decision on the shop’s part. After being told by police not to sell these products anymore (I am not entirely sure about this, just what I have heard). They then revamped the shop away from a head shop to prepare for this stupid up coming ban and stated that they would no longer be selling any research chemicals. I had walked past the other day and noticed some empty packs of green crack and cotton candy, 2 of the blends available at said shop prior to change over which made me question if they were still selling them.

I think with the media’s attitude towards research chemicals this was an un-wise decision as I would be paranoid that a member of the press of similar local news would do what they have done and catch them out, potentially causing issues with trading standards (I hope not).

To quote the presses article:

James Hall, who runs the York Against Legal Highs Facebook page, said: “It is well known that legal highs are extremely dangerous and the dishonesty demonstrated by this shop shows they cannot be believed when they say that the products are not intended for human consumption.

“They cannot be believed when they say they check ID to ensure the customer is over 18 and they cannot be believed about anything else in the future.

“It is time for the authorities, Trading Standards and the police to take robust action, right now, before more people end up in hospital or worse.”

This could potentially cause issues for the store, I hope that one sneaky, local journalist (living the dream bud) doesn’t cause them any issues with regulators or even start some kind of vigilante group.

So whilst I am pleased I can pick up some incense in town, I am a bit disappointed in how they have handled this as it is a chain not just one store, I personally wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side if the law or my regulators this early into business.

I hope that those knob head mother groups doesn’t pick up on this one because as I said, the staff there are good and don’t deserve to be out of a job over poor management decisions (again this is just a guess).

I would always recommend this shop to other people looking for related products as The staff were always very helpful and would go out of their way to offer the best service and recommend the most suitable products rather than trying to get people to buy the more expensive items.


I will be intrigued to see if any further action can or will be taken from this, I hope not as the law hasn’t yet passed so they are still within the law to sell these items, and the way the press have gone about this is just sneaky, but retailers of this nature need to look out for such things.

The idea to ban all psychoactive substances is patronizing, we should all be allowed to ingest any substances we wish, I don’t need David Cameron to tell me drugs are bad m’kay. This will only create a black market for these substances, when mephedrone was made Class A various street dealers started selling it. A nasty enough drug in its pure form, let alone cut to shit.

I think the government need to look at USA and start relaxing drug laws, not tightening them, this does no good to anyone. The war on drugs is clearly a losing battle, I don’t understand why they would waste time and resources on that failing war, which the government will never, ever win. Where ever there is demand, someone will have the resource to fill those demands, including illicit substances.

What are your thoughts on this?

Leave a comment and we can discuss.

3 thoughts on “Research chemicals still available to buy on high street”

  1. You are perhaps, one of the lucky ones n being a, responsible and a moderate use of these ‘substances’ – so you would see the Government /Police as taking away from you ‘your choice’ to use a substance, sensibly and not harming anybody else! I quite understand that, it’s almost ‘patronising’ you!
    However not every everybody shares your ability to use responsibly or the will, to apply ‘moderation’. For some people, particularly those affected by some form of mental health issue; start using thee products, which quickly take a hold on them, altering their perception of reality and exacerbating their Mental Health Issues, resulting in Psychotic /manic Episodes and Psychosis. This also leads the person to become criminalised, either through criminal acts to finance the ‘dependency’ or Anti Social Behaviour, owing to losing control etc. they are sadly the victims of substances marketed for ‘huge profits’ and aimed at the ‘abuse market’. We have no idea of long term effects, so those using these substances are treated as Guinea Pigs. Laboratory rats, are met with Public Outrage and media campaigns against what is commonly regarded as vermin within Society – yet we are continuing to allow some of Societies most vulnerable, be treated like a human ‘laboratory rat’ subject to ills and as yet unknown effects (long term) of a ‘potentially fatal substance’ – being sold from high street shops like Candy or Crisps! You seem very well educated regarding these ‘research chemicals’ and Likely have much regard towards using these safely, but we can’t simply turn a blind eye to those, whose lives and family’s have been totally destroyed by using these substances and they are the ones who must be protected!
    I can’t say I think the ‘blanket ban’ is the best way forward – I personally would have liked to see some control taken over safety rather than prohibition, which for many, merely presents a challenge to sourcing supply! Some may say, a cop out! As for the government, it ends at the bill being passed, for many users, families the trauma of lost lives and destroyed relationships, addiction & criminality continues.
    I totally respect your views, just ask you to possibly consider those, without your insight and willpower in that they are not making an informed choice and need protecting.


    1. Thanks for your comment, I do agree to some extent that with more dangerous substances perhaps some form of regulation, but I think the key is education in hard reduction which is something the UK government are not willing to entertain.


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