Theresa May’s blanket ban, not a waste of tax payers money at all…

“Legal highs” as they are commonly known in the media, or research chemicals have unfortunately become quite prominent in the news lately, which is a shame for responsible researchers, we are not funding a black market and we are offering valuable research and experiences into chemicals with little or no information, we take responsibility for this.

Then we have those fucktards that will take anything that is offered to them, get themselves, usually into a severe panic attack, which is confused with a heart attack or other severe physical symptoms, leading to further media attention. If you are not willing to even entertain that these compounds are named research chemicals then you should not be touching them. They do not become recreational drug of choice unless you are happy with the research you have done on said drug.

Legal highs are now practically impossible to buy on the high street, shops such as Dr Herman’s, Redeye, Fantasia and Rudeboy headshop all no longer stop any research chemicals due to a clamp down on the law, this doesn’t mean you can’t get them on the high street if you know the right people.

More and more poorly researched articles are appearing through Google’s news section which is worrying as it is all biased. Absolutely, drugs can potentially be deadly, so can alcohol and cigarettes yet the government trusts us not to kill ourselves with them (for now) or drain our tax so we fund whatever damage we do to ourselves (just to clarify I am not a smoker and I don’t drink often).

So as I haven’t posted in a while, having been working like a Japanese Prisoner of war I wanted to get a post up about the current situation in the UK regarding research chemicals because in my opinion, the government are working on a blanket ban which will cause more damage than good and I think people need to look at it from this side.

If we look at Darwin for example; natural selection I believe applies as far as drug use. It is all about education, research and moderation. If people are so stupid that they cannot understand this then in certain circumstances, I cannot sympathies. That is not to say every drugs related death is due to being irresponsible.

So I did a Google search for legal high news (surprisingly research chemical news brought me nothing from mainstream media), the first article I came across was one from the guardian which you can read here:

The basis or the article is that (I can’t even find words to express my distaste for this woman’s political views and the work she has done) Theresa May’s legislation that she hopes will impost a blanket ban on psychoactive substances could create criminals out of law abiding citizens.

If we look back at the train wreck of a career of Theresa May, she has always been ignorant, stupid (I know they are kind of the same thing but I meant in different contexts) and has only proved what an absolute moron she is by drawing up this piece of legislation without even realizing herself that it doesn’t actually work, it had to have this pointed out by the advisory council of the mis-use of drugs (ACMD). Although no doubt the daft wench will ignore their advice as per the Professor Nutt incident.

Apparently May is willing to make amendments only to ensure the bill passes and people like us who would rather sit in on a Friday getting baked, watching Netflix with our Mrs (happy Saturday) or just chilling at someone’s house having a laugh and a smoke get penalized, yet the people are still free to binge themselves into a pit of aggression and dig their false nails into my neck in the middle of a packed bar?

It seems to me that the UK is going backwards with it’s drug laws, and I cannot see anything good coming of this. The war on drugs in America resulted with 1% of the population in prison, the British economy cannot sustain this, nor can it sustain the unnecessary amount of man hours from the police force is spending catching petty criminals who merely enjoy recreational drug use. One thing the war on drugs did prove is that there is always going to be demand, someone has to supply, by putting research chemicals on the black market you are only extending it and creating more criminals.

Since the US have started to legalize and decriminalize cannabis it has helped their economy hugely. A report earlier in the year from the Huffington Post which you can read here: Discusses how the legalization of cannabis is the fastest growing industry within the US, it is creating jobs, people have access to better medicines (THC and CBD) and less arrests are happening. Why does the UK want to go against this, what do they hope to achieve?

May’s bill would see any of us poor cunts with any psychoactive substance which is not listed under her exempt list (gin and all forms of sugary and fatty food by the looks of her) would face a 7 year custodial sentence. Does that seem fair when people commit violent and sexual crimes which ruin the rest of their victims lives as well as their families life and get out in about 5? I certainly don’t, if someone wants to smoke some herbal incense because they are subjected to drug testing or just because it helps them relax, the same way people do with a beer at the end of the day, that does not make them a danger to society and that doesn’t have any bearing on that person’s character whatsoever, to them label them a criminal disgusts me.

A lot of people have spoken out against the ban, this article on the Independent speaks to several students about how they feel about the ban. A similar ban was implemented in ROI in 2010 and has proved itself to be a very flawed bill on the basis that any substance confiscated has to be tested and the police must prove that it is in fact psychoactive before any charges can be brought, often leaving the police powerless, apparently only 4 arrests have occurred in 5 years as a result of this legislation.

So we are in a lose/lose situation. We are either imprisoned for 7 years for getting high (I am good citizen believe it or not, I pay my taxes, I work full time, I don’t cause any harm to other people) or are tax is wasted by May’s idiotic and poorly researched bill which will cost the police force millions in testing and scientific research on chemicals it is not necessarily going to be familiar with.

So what do we think? Will this bill pass? If so, will it just be like Ireland where the police are pretty powerless, are we going to see a black market of synthetic cannabanoids and analouges which is even more dangerous than the current market.

#legalhighs #legalhigsban #legalhighsblanketban #researchemicals #ukdruglaws #fuckthetories #fuckthiscountry

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