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Rachael Dolezal; please help me understand

When doing a bit of research on Caitlyn Jenner the other week, I came across an article which compared Jenner’s transition to Dolezal’s so called transition from white to black. I was shocked by this article and did some further research however, I still can’t quite understand.

I have a great deal of respect for the trans community, and my belief (based on speaking to transgender folk and studies I have read) is that the male and female brain are wired differently, if you are born with a brain wired towards the other sex, you are more likely to identify as this gender. I truly believe these people were born into the wrong bodies and I support any one going through the grueling transition process.

From what I have read of Dolezal, she is a white female, as you can see her parents are as white as they come: parentswho mis-represented herself as a black woman. She was the president of NAACP or National Association for the advancement of colored people for the Washington Chapter, until she resigned in 2015 after the allegations of her mis-representation began to surface. Dolezal claimed on an application to the Spokane city hall claiming she was an ethnic mix of African American, white, black amongst others. Her parents have since come out to “throw her under the bus” as some of her supporters seem to think.

The parents have provided a picture of Dolezal as a child and you can clearly see she is white:

404Since her parents have spoken out Dolezal has refused to speak to them due to an ongoing law suit and maintains her heritage as a black woman and doesn’t view her parents as her real parents. she even stated that her real father was a black man, something that has been stated as lies by her parents.

So my issue with Dolezal’s attitude and transition to one race from another is that she has no ties to black heritage and I don’t know how she can identify as black as she cannot have ever been subject to racial discrimination nor is slavery or any part of black history part of her or her family’s history. As a white person I am offended by her attitude that she feels black inside, how can you feel a certain race? Surely you can only identify with certain heritages and culture which does not affect something as fundamental as your race or entire upbringing. Again, speaking as a white person this is only my opinion and I mean no offence; Dolezal doesn’t understand the struggle and discrimination the black community have faced, she has only read about it in books, this to me does not qualify her to teach anything relating to black history or rights. What annoys me the most is that Dolezal still maintains that she is black despite her parents pretty much proving she wasn’t, if you look at a picture of her: Rachel-Dolezal-NAACP-Spokane-1if you look closely, she has quite distinct bright blue eyes, not that this is a definitive sign that she is not black. Her skin tone appears unnatural as if she has used a fake tan, she has an orange glow about her, never seen anyone but a British Chav with this skin tone. Lastly, while again, I mean no offence, her facial features are very white, as you can see from the picture here: rachel-dolezal-3not only does she look white in every way, shape or form, her parents have confirmed this yet she still continues to argue her point.

In my opinion Dolezal is a confused and stupid individual who thinks that she can use the discrimination card as and when she feels like it. She attempted to sue Howard University in 2002 for anti-white discrimination, and then began to identify as black in 2015, can’t have it both ways love!

Also Dolezal did a recent interview with Vanity Fair in which she insisted she is black and doesn’t identify as African America as there is a difference between the two races.

Since all this shit has kicked off Dolezal is struggling for work and apparently turned to hair dressing to make ends meet, putting in weaves and what not for her black girlfriends (LOL). She wants to write a book to put her side of the story across as she feels that her career is shattered unless she can provide a published explanation for the mis-representation.

I would be interested to see how she talks her way round this one, also if anyone has any experiences of race transitions or thoughts please get involved in the comment box.

The Royal Windsor Hotel Blackpool – Robbing Cunts

Courtesy of my housemate Jackie:

“When we arrived on the 27th of May at said hotel in the afternoon, the first 1st guy on reception was really nice; tall but stocky with brown hair. Then there was a Scottish bloke who stunk of booze, who was apparently the manager, didn’t smile or say hello, only looked at us. We got our keys and went to our room, but on the way up there were crisp packets and thick dust and dirt that appeared to have been there a while. They put us on the top floor despite saying we were bringing a child, there was no secure place to put a pushchair other than drag up 3 flights of stairs.

We had to leave the key with them anytime we left, giving them full access to our belongings. There was some kind of awful disco that went on all night also. Anyway, the worst of it was the robbing shit bags stole my fucking tablet. I made the bed and the tablet was underneath the quilt, when I realized I didn’t have it with me I called them and they said they would get the cleaners to check and would call me back. over 45 minutes later they hadn’t called me back so I called them again. The Scottish alcoholic answered and said nothing had been found so there was no need for me to come back, I insisted on going back to check.

When I got there he was really defensive and cocky about going to look for it, so I told them I had a find mt tablet app. He then let me go look in the room. When I moved the bed there was loads of dirt underneath it, and my tablet wasn’t there. So he let me into the back room to check the laundry bags and rudely told me to make sure everything went back in the right place. Whilst I was in there, 2 polish employees, possibly the owners came in arguing very suspiciously. I went back to the front desk and asked the Scottish guy if I could speak to the cleaner, he said no because I wouldn’t be able to understand he and she had gone home (she is Polish, and said he had to speak to her with his hands????).

I said I was calling the police, which the manager then turned around to the person behind the desk and said “I’m finished, I’m clocking out”, then the Polish guy asked me to show him the app, but I had already blocked the tablet, they told me there was no need to do that (WTF?!). They had also put up a paper sign saying we do not deal with lost possessions where the taxi numbers are after the incident (because they are sneaky bastards).

The police were informed were informed but were unable to do anything further as there is no CCTV. I rang them to see if they had found my tablet, they told me to fuck off or they would call the police and hung up.

Back to me:

This piss poor excuse for a hotel is to be avoided at all costs, they advertise their bedrooms as looking like this:

room-28when in reality they look like this:

11749799_1074931265869113_2110862672_nif you look on expedia, the hotel claims to have an exterior that looks like this: 6568571_1_yhowever the shit hole actually looks like this: 879647379

The tablet has never been recovered, whilst we have no solid evidence. The behavior of the staff speaks volumes. Also Jackie posted a negative review on tripadvisor, there was also a negative review below it, both have since been removed. Here is a screenshot of said reviews before they were removed:11741827_1075240165838223_40236313_n11749263_1075240022504904_186594128_n11758864_1075240899171483_884748555_n

The hotel doesn’t have a website and google only lists a phone number and address so if anyone has an email address please put in the comment box.

I cannot find a twitter handle for these twats, if anyone has one, please let me know.

Anyone else have any experience with these people?

DC Suicide Squad Trailer and the DC universe

The trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad film was shown at San Deigo comic con and then posted online within minutes. You can view the trailer here if you have been living under a rock for the last couple of days.

The premise of the film appears to be that Harley Quinn, Boomerang, deadshot, the jokerRick flag, enchantress, Amanda Waller, killer croc, Katana, slipknot, and El Diablo as well as the infamous Batman The super villains are locked in the Arkham Asylum run by secret government task force A.R.G.U.S who undertake dangerous military like tasks for the good of the nation? This is what is suggested in the trailer at least that A.R.G.U.S are working for the greater good although can’t be sure until the film is released in August 2016.

The supervillans are locked in a prison type institution by the government. It would appear that in the initial scene where Amanda Waller and Rick Flag are discussing a mission for the suicide squad, the government intends to use the team, but what for?

Fans have been going absolutely wild online about this trailer. The new joker, played by Jared Leto for example. I personally like this joker look, it is pretty dark and accurate to the character. However reading this article on Forbes, the writer says he is sick of the joker and feels that his presence is too strong for a muti supervillan movie, the focus will always be on him when he is on scene. Whilst I agree to some extent, yes the joker is a massive presence and does take the focus off other characters depending on how it is written/shot/directed. I personally think that Leto looks like an awesome joker and I really like the new look joker. 

Previous DC  work hasn’t really done it for me (more of a marvel fan) but it appears that they are getting back to what they are good at, dark supervillans. I personally think that DC had become a bit tame in comparison to earlier works in their comics and stories since the films became a large part of the franchise. Obviously the movies are marketed towards a different demographic and have been too commercially adapted and overly child friendly in my opinion, and suicide squad appears to be the turn around. Usually I don’t care about films but after watching the trailer to this along with my like of DC/Marvel I am genuinely excited. The idea of the Arkham asylum holding the supervillans I find quite fascinating, bringing out the darker side again. The asylum or “Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane” has appeared in many DC comics, having villains submitted for psychosis and then escaping (The Joker, Harley Quinn and the penguin have all escaped this asylum). In an interview earlier this year directory Ayer teased that the Arkham asylum would feature in the suicide squad, and quite heavily it would seem.

One thing picked up by fans is the possible Robin. This was mentioned to me yesterday by a friend who had seen the trailer and said he had found a scene with a Robin suit. As we remember Joker killed Batman’s Robins and Batman kept the suit in the bat cave as a reminder of his own personal failure. As you can see from this still: 

there is a Robin suit! The fact that the Robin suit has joke is on you painted on it suggests to me that Joker has killed himself another Robin, however this is mere speculation.

We also have the batman v superman film to look forward to. Caville and Affleck will resume their superhero roles in Dawn of Justice. this will be the first time we see the two meet as part of DC’s shared universe film franchise, so 2016 is looking good film wise for us geeks.

We have to wait a whole year for the release of this film so I hope it is worth it given the hype it has already received. What are your thoughts on the upcoming suicide squad film? Any ideas as to plot? Comment below!

On a relevant note our local RSPCA charity shop had this in the window: 

Initially due to financial issues and responsibilities I just kept walking past every day on my way to work desperately wanting some of it, but unjustified as it was I purchase some for me and my cousin as it his birthday this week, now I really want to kept it. So here is what I managed to pick up:  

Marvel’s greatest Gambit collectors pack still selead, includes comics Gambit#1-4.  

  Phoenix and Wolverine artwork by Ian Churchill 

 As well as a couple of spectacular Spider-Man comics from 1998. 

 It will be very upsetting when I have to give this to my cousin as a gift but I have made sure which ones I want 😉 obviously including the gambit set, he can have wolverine and the comics that don’t correspond closely with the others. Whilst I admit this is slightly selfish, he never buys me a gift and I think this is a good one which is enough justification from me.

Have you found any geeky treasures in your local charity shops or car boot sales? Let me know in the comment section. – useless and rude

Last Wednesday on the 6th I made a small order from this site totaling a whole £7.93. I received an email to say the item had been shipped that day, when it didn’t arrive by Monday I was told they had forgot to post it even though they had sent confirmation and would resend that day.
I emailed them on Tuesday and said I still hadn’t received it, I was bluntly told 1st class doesn’t guarantee next day although i find 99% of the time it does. So yesterday I tried to ask the site quite simply when i Should expect the order, they ignored me for several hours, I had to take to various platforms to get a reply, which were so incredibly rude I couldn’t quite believe I was dealing with a business, below is the thread of Facebook messages between us after they ignored me all day:

Joanne xxx
Can you please send me a response???
I’m think I may have to report you as scam as that is how you appear
I am going to call trading standards
Joanne xxx
13/05/2015 17:35
Joanne xxx
They are shut now, I will be calling them tomorrow unless you get back to me. How have you built a happy customer base when you’re this incompetent??
Joanne xxx
13/05/2015 18:11
Joanne xxx
I got. Notification to say you replied but I can’t see anything
Can you at least respond with a single word? I’ve had no communication whatsoever
Buy Etizolam UK
13/05/2015 18:16
Buy Etizolam UK
Wow. This is crazy. You have already been given a clear answer I’m sure and posting in multiple places is really not going to get anything resolved. We are far from incompetent and if anybody is at fault it’s Royal Mail. We built up a large happy customer base over a couple of years of hard work thanks, and dealing with many very annoying people trying to pull a fast one etc… this is bordering on harassment. As mentioned on one of your post I will check for your email in the morning but I’m sure sure how much clearer I can be. How do we know you are telling the truth? We haven’t had any other complainants of missing orders.
I’ve replied to you multiple times with far mire than one word, this is beyond tedious. As mentioned about five times now I will check for your email in the morning but I’m sure we have been very clear already.
Joanne xxx
Joanne xxx
Since you won’t reply to me and I haven’t received your package (yes honestly) I have taken this up with trading standards as it seems it is the only way to get this dealt with. I have also spoken with Royal Mail who assured me there were no delays within the sorting office so it is not down to a delay.
Buy Etizolam UK
Buy Etizolam UK
How are you not seeing our replies?? If the package has not turned up it has simply been lost/stolen and as per our terms of service we will not reship orders unless sent via a tracked method as it would simply leave us open to scammers. TBH I would of just reshipped it being such a small order and advised you to use a recorded method and check our terms of service in the future but the multiple threats, claims we are not replying when we clearly are, is making me quite angry and not feeling like bending our terms of service for somebody who is being so manic and rude about the whole situation. If you claim not to see this message I’m just going to ignore you in future as you are becoming very tedious.
Joanne xxx
Joanne xxx
I have not received multiple replies, otherwise I wouldn’t keep bothering you. I sent you 2 emails which you have not responded to, one of which was just a very simple question. Had you responded to me (I don’t know what is going on with replies) then this would have been resolved and I wouldn’t have needed to take this any further
Buy Etizolam UK
Buy Etizolam UK
I’ve replied to you multiple times on here, via email and even on Twitter now. This is becoming very tedious and unappreciated. Please keep this chat to one place, and also check our terms of service/delivery information. If not for these multiple manic messages and threats I would of just reshipped and advised you to use a recorded method in future but you are now wasting a lot of our time and what you are saying just does not seem to add up. Why are you being selective about what message you claim to see??
Joanne xxx
Joanne xxx
I am not being selective, I have received some replies but yesterday you ignored me for a long period of time. I asked when I should expect the item via email? You did not answer this. Also I sent a long email last night which you have not replied to. I am only trying to get the order I paid for which I don’t think is unreasonable. You initially said yourself you forgot to send out the first order, how do I know this hasn’t happened again? I am just annoyed that you have charged me for a product which I haven’t received which surely you would be too? But your attitude has been very unprofessional which has wound me up further which is why I’ve got so annoyed. If you’re not willing to re ship I will continue down the route of trading standards of you speak to me in such an unprofessional manner.
Buy Etizolam UK
Buy Etizolam UK
We are not ignoring you!! Simply very busy and you are spamming these messages all over the place, I’m sick of repeating myself TBH.
Joanne xxx
Joanne xxx
Ok then, we will end this conversation and let trading standards decide which one of us is right if you think that’s the best thing to do
Buy Etizolam UK
Buy Etizolam UK
And now you are sending messages then deleting them before I get the chance to open them. I’m assuming you are just trying to pull a fast one now or are just trying to be disruptive for some reason.
Joanne xxx
Joanne xxx
I haven’t deleted anything!!!
All this correspondence is going on every rc forum and blog so people can see your level of customer service I can find. The way you have spoken to me is disgusting and you are making false accusations of me being a liar. I will be taking this up with trading standards as well
Buy Etizolam UK
Buy Etizolam UK
That’s fine (why are you deleting your messages??) we are well know in the scene and you will probably get multiple replies saying as much. You could of worked this out by doing a bit of research first. We are not in the habit of ripping people off, over £7?? Seriously… The more you speak the and act shady (deleting messages here, claiming we are not replying, choosing what messages you want to read/take note of etc..) is simply making think you are trying to pull a fast one… If you keep deleting messages so I only see the first part, that is the end of this chat, I’m not even sure why I’m entertaining this nonsense at all.
Joanne xxx
Joanne xxx
I am not deleting any messages, one was deleted because it wouldn’t send so I sent it via email instead. You are just continuing to insult me. I assure you I am not trying to pull a fast one over £7, even I have better things to do. All I want is the products I paid for. Since you are unwilling to help me I have had no option but to seek assistance from a third party. You have taken money from me, send me false information via email and then insulted me. Would you accept that from a “company”?
Buy Etizolam UK
Buy Etizolam UK

Buy Etizolam UK
Buy Etizolam UK
^^Well none of your messages are showing up now. There is no issue our end and seems as if you are simply on the wind up now TBH.
Joanne xxx
Joanne xxx
I promise you I haven’t deleted them so I shall add those further insults and accusations to my complaint against you
Buy Etizolam UK
Buy Etizolam UK
Well you can clearly see from the screen shot I posted. Good bye.

the previous evening during the Facebook conversation there was an error with my message sending so I had to sent this via email, they didn’t reply.

For some reason Facebook won’t send my response.

I asked in the email when I should expect it as I made the order on the 6th. This isn’t an acceptable wait time. You ignored every message I sent you today. So you are accusing me of receiving the item and lying about it? That is incredibly insulting and not the best way to speak to your customers, I don’t appreciate your accusations as you have never had any dealings with me, also I never seem to not receive post from other people, also if the item does not arrive tomorrow I will be taking this up with trading standards as you first of all admitted you forgot to send my order, how do you know you haven’t made another error or quite simply didn’t send it. I also have no reason to trust you as much as you do me considering how this has been dealt with. You could very well be lying to me so if we are just going to accuse each other of being liars we will need a middle man to mediate won’t we? I would like to add that I have not had at least 5 responses from you because if I had a single response I wouldn’t have needed to keep chasing you.
In future I recommend when dealing with angry customers you suck it up and find a way to word your emails in a more polite manner.


So as they won’t reship my order as I have upset them I spoke to trading standards who advised they were in breach of contract and to send a formal letter, this has been sent via email today, shockingly no reply. If buyetizolam do not comply they have advised there are other ways to progress this complaint. I have even spoken to my local sorting office who confirm there are no postage delays and I have put in a claim with them.

I will not be insulted by some half wit who can’t even send a piece of post when it is their job and I will be spreading word of the attitude of the staff at this particular vendor, it is not an acceptable way to deal with customers. I will never use this site again and I would advise no one else to on the basis that they are incompetent and obnoxiously rude to customers as they have no complaint handling skills or are just a scam.










I received this email on Friday morning from the very pleasant Katie I believe who runs this site:

You are playing silly games,

You order was marked as processing, then shipped.. it was shipped when stated.. check your emails and read them properly. Yes I am getting annoyed with you due to the threats, multiple messages in multiple places, false claims that we are not replying, all over a missing £7 order. I’ve simply had enough of you and your craziness now.

I’m going to send a replacement today despite not wanting to due to your disgusting attitude, please never contact us or attempt to use our website again. You win the award for the most annoying/crazy customer of the year.

Obviously this woman is a vile individual and has realised what a tit she has made of herself look by accusing me of all sorts despite evidence on here that it is not true, and who is going to deal with a business that speaks to her customers like scum and forgets to ship orders?

I still haven’t received the order from her, no doubt she won’t and will continue to slander both myself and Royal Mail. So unless I receive the order by Tuesday I will be sending that response to trading standards as her response to the official complaint I sent her and I will be adding slander to my complaint.


So it’s now Monday the 18th, after the previous email saying the order would be re sent on Friday, I would have expected to receive it by now, so I sent this email:

Please, no arguments or accusations but did you ship that order on Friday as you stated in your email as it is still not here?



So today is 22nd May and I have finally received this order! and a response to my email. Not long after the postman delivered said package, with a post stamp with yesterdays date
i received this email (4 days it has taken to receive a reply).

Hi Joanne,

No it was shipped on Monday, you should of received and email stating this, or you can log into your account and check the history.

Katie (

The conversation is as follows:
Very odd that arrives today (with yesterday’s date stamped from Royal Mail) and you finally get back to me. I can only assume either trading standards or the solicitor has been in touch with you.
And don’t worry I would rather throw money down a drain than give you any return business. I think it’s safe to say you have learnt something from this experience. I will inform trading standards I have received the item as well as my bank and stop those complaints, although they have informed me you had committed a criminal offence in matter that did not concern my order which would be investigated.

Sent from my iPhone


Nobody has been in touch, and even if they did we have done nothing wrong. You have been abusive, manic and in short a nightmare. Your order was posted when stated. I wish I hadn’t resent it now. If you want to vent please direct it at RM not us. Thanks.

PS: I hope you are going to go back to the multiple places you have called us a scam and correct your actions.

I don’t hold grudges and you are welcome to shop again but only via recorded methods.

Have a nice day.

Katie (

And then my final say on the matter


Surprisingly no reply

So finally got a correspondence address for this fucker:

So I have been able to cancel my complaints and no longer have to deal with the stress of this. Since I was specifically asked in such a polite manner to remove this post, I thought I would add to it and then tweet the shit out of it.

Awesome prices, shocking service – Aldi


So after having a recent negative experience at the hands of the idiots of Aldi’s complaint team I thought I would share it.
On my way home from work (never your happiest time) I went into Aldi to purchase a single item as it was on the way. Upon entering the store I found myself crammed between elderly people and middle aged people in tracksuits manically ramming each other out of the way for a pack of biscuits. After several physical injuries I finally made it to the checkout section with my one box of cat food to discover queues a mile long whilst staff stood around chatting shit to each other. One of the cashiers for some reason just got up, despite the 5 people in her queue and went outside for 5 minutes. Eventually another woman came to a till but was more interested in the conversation with her colleague than actually doing some work.
After what felt like an eternity I was able to get the fuck out of that scum ridden hell hole to go home and feed my cat. Aldi stores I find are commonly quite unhygienic places and smell like rancid milk! I can only assume that they are putting as much effort into their cleanliness as they are customer service, I guarantee if you went at their floor with an industrial floor cleaner, it would probably end up stuck in a pile of filth and strange foreign branded items. the bitter bastard that I am I sent an email to Aldi about this as I have been in a few times and it is always staff stood around idly and massive queues. This email was sent on the 6th of April, still no response even though I had been told the store manager would contact me regarding my complaint.
I chased this up as I imagine there is a time scale in which complaints need to be responded to, I was then told that no one would ever contact me and there was nothing that could be done.
I received a half arsed apology from a call centre worker who didn’t seem to understand how frustrating it is when a company lies to you, kept me on hold for ages and basically fobbed me off as no explanation for the lack of staffing was given and why I was mis informed. His general attitude was that he didn’t care as it was nothing to do with him which further annoyed me.
I sent a tweet to try get a quick response, obviously they were more useless and had the audacity to ask if there was anything else they could do to help me today. When I requested more than a half arsed apology surprisingly they didn’t reply. So no correspondence or regulator details given, seems strange for such a large company.
Anyway I won’t be returning to Aldi, firstly I quite simply don’t have time to waste in their queues and anywhere that charges for bags are tight fisted bastards.
If anyone could do me the honor of re blogging this it would be much appreciated as Aldi need to improve their customer service greatly.

Zeitgeist: a series of eye opening documentaries

Zeitgeist the documentary/movies enjoyed by all paranoid stoners!

I recently came across Zeitgeist Moving Forward, being stoned ad unable to sleep I thought I would give it a go. I had previously seen Zeitgeist: The Movie and Zeitgeist Addendum and movement announced by Peter Joseph (I am yet to see  Zeitgeist movement but will be trying to find it later today.

Firstly I will talk about my opinion on Moving Forward as this is the one still freshest in my mind (as fresh as it could possibly be on a Saturday afternoon).

They initially discussed nature vs nature and what effects your personality and and how affects in your childhood can have on adult life, there are various arguments from each side as to what has the biggest affect on a human’s development. There was one point that was mentioned was that if you didn’t pick up a baby for 10 weeks I believe (could be wrong) it will die (makes me wonder if that is slowly happening to me!) Haha. It also looked at the Venus project by Jacques Fresco; Fresco believes from research that we will run out of fossil fuels in the near future, he believes that mankind can still go on but needs to make drastic changes to the way we live our lives. He presented the venus project; this was an idea on how to rebuild cities that are technologically run, providing a more Eco friendly sewage and water system as well as limiting how far energy has to travel to reach it’s required location within the city.

This is only a brief overview of the documentary, I would thoroughly recommend watching it.

One thing that really stood out to me in this documentary was when discussing the insane workings of the bank system, everytime we borrow money we are creating debt, as all banks are done digitally when you set up a credit card with a £2,000 limit, they haven’t lend you that money, they have inputted a number to the system creating a further 2k of debt, none of it is real money.

The modern banking system is causing a great deal of stress to people world wide. The stress that people feel as a result of some greedy man’s idea to create money (please don’t ask what the alternative is), such a small percentage of high earners own most of the capital (sometimes at the expense of the little man see UK bank bonuses). The films showed one option of how to free ourselves from being slaves to the money.

A good quote was that that board room and all that money was there long before you and will be there when you are gone, what really makes you happy in life?

This scene I found particularly powerful;

I felt as if initially the police felt they were able to take down the situation, however worldwide protects spread out over people not wanting to be a slave to the financial system anymore.
It shows,all the cash piled up in front of a city bank. It made me think that in the next few years there is every chance of a revolution as people are able to communicate freely and people are starting to tire of the government and how they are treated.

Full movie available here:

Zeitgesit: The Movie

This was shockingly the first of the films I watched, it was many years ago but I can remember it quite well.

This documentary looks at various conspiracy theories such as the 9/11 attacks, Jesus Christ.

If I recall correctly, they compare the main religions (Islam,Christianity, Hindu etc and notice that each religions god has an awful lot in common. Birth dates are the same for different martyrs, stories are incredibly similar, the stories are also suspiciously similar which leads me to believe that there was one religion which who knows was true or not, people have then just changed what they didn’t like similar to the Church of England over the years to create different followings, and the information has been distorted over the years (this is purely my opinion).

The part which looks 9/11 was very interesting, there is a great deal of evidence presented in this film which would make anyone doubt the story given to us by the media, there are various discrepancies between reports from on flight calls. A cell phone shouldn’t be able to work at that altitude anyway. There are various reports from professionals saying that it is not possible for that damage to have been caused by a plane, within days of making these statements being made the employee would be sacked.

I personally don’t think it is as straight forward as Angry religious man crashes plane in twin towers, due to the lack of evidence at ground zero as well as reports from fire fighters reporting explosives being detonated in the building. Also, if you look at the building collapse if does appear that there are explosions throughout to take down the building as quickly as possible, when compared with the demolition of other buildings it doesn’t add up.

Full documentary available here:

Zeitgeist Addendum and movement announced by Peter Joseph:

This one focuses on the US banking system, how when you borrow money from a financial institution they are merely inputting numbers in a screen to create more debt, it is not actual physical money, you are creating a debt.

The final statement of this film is to bpoycott large banks. I believe if enough people were to unite we could make a change to this system which is only interested in it’s own corporate greed. If the world decided to reject the economy, what would actually happen?

Full documentary available here:

You can find the Zeitgeist films on Netflix or YouTube

Gym Etiquette

I have attended various gyms over the last 5 years or so and some people never cease to amaze me with their general ignorance and lack of consideration for other gym users. Here is a list of what irritates me most about these imbeciles.


1. People who go to the gym purely to chat; I used to attend a gym which was full of roid heads and some of them would just come in, dressed as if they were ready for a work out, but they would just lean over the counter, drinking a protein shake whilst chatting shit to the receptionist. If you are friendly enough to come in and have a chat with them, fucking ring them when their shift is done, you’re in the way dumbass!


2. People who sit on a piece of machinery whilst chit chatting to someone; It is always something I want to use. Again, at the same gym (which I am glad I no longer train at) there used to be one particular man, he is a fair age and I can only assume he has been a member so long he has had time to befriend every fucker that goes to the weight section. He would typically chat for 5 minutes between his many sets until eventually I would just give up waiting. I would like to point out he is not the only one guilty of this, even at my current gym people do this. It’s a gym, not a social club, get on with it.


3. People who make loud grunting noises whilst lifting; It is disgusting and completely unnecessary. If you are struggling to the extent that you need to make a loud and hideous noise then what you are lifting is quite simply too heavy, or you are doing it for attention.


4. People who stand in swimming pools doing absolutely no swimming; My gym has quite a small pool and generally people understand to keep out of each others way, as is the polite things to do. However, i often find these people that just stand and chat in the pool, getting in the way of people who are actually trying to use it for it’s intended purpose. If you want to be in water and not move go sit in the Jacuzzi and let people get their exercise done in peace.


5. People who don’t shower between the use of spa/swimming facilities; this one upsets me the most. I often see people leave the sauna, covered in sweat (i dread to think what has come out of their pores) and dive straight into the pool, leaving s puddle of grime floating on the surface. Next time I see someone do this I am going to call them out in a very sarcastic way and I don’t think there is any reasonable come back.


6. People who drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill; Stop paying £40 a month for a gym membership, stop using the car so much and just start walking fatty!


I felt this image was much more pleasing on the eye

7. People with no dignity in changing rooms: There are an unfortunate amount of elderly people at my gym, most of which apparently have no shame. They quite happily sit on a stool naked (those stools need to be burnt) whilst blow drying their hair, one of them even showers with the cubicle door open! What makes me very uncomfortable is when they try and make conversation when we are getting changed. I do not want to talk to strangers whilst I am trying to put my underwear on.


8. People who take selfies at the gym; Only a vain, attention seeking areshole would feel the need to do this, if you spent more time working out and less time pouting into your iPhone then you might see some results, then people may actually notice you have been going to the gym rather than being told via your Facebok feed. The same goes for people who use Facebook to check in at the gym, no one cares you arrogant cunt.


9. Children: Last but not least is people bringing their children to the swimming pool of a leisure club, there are many swimming baths available, take them there! They are a massive pain in the arse, getting in the way of people swimming in perfectly straight lines, screaming and shouting and not to mention their knob head parents who think it is the most magical thing ever, watching their ugly child flap around in water.

Lady Grey Latte

As a coffee hater I cannot abide this new culture of a Starbucks or Costa on every street corner, I just cannot get my head around it or people’s obsession with coffee (ADDICTS!!).
I spent an unfortunate period of time working in a place that served Barista style coffee and became quite handy with an espresso machine and milk steamer.

I cannot take full credit for this drink as there is a similar recipe on Starbucks website however, this item is not on there menu nor have I found a place that serves this particular drink (unless you asked me when I worked in a coffee shop a few months ago).

This can be done with either Lady Grey or Earl Grey, it is down to preference:
1: Place milk, tea bag, shot of vanilla and caramel syrup in milk jug.
2: Heat milk until desired temperature
3: Remove any froth from milk and serve in glass

Apparently by drinking this I have made myself 10 times gayer (I can live with that) but they are incredibly tasty and good on a cold day.

Give it a try and let me know what you think or any alterations.