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Second life WTF?!

As I work in SEO I come across a great deal of random and bizarre websites everyday. I have considered a section for worst website of the week, but I feel this is slightly mean. Yesterday as I was trawling my inbox looking for web,asters to work with, I came across this. Now I was so utterly baffled by this site, especially being unaware of Second Life that I spent a good half an hour of my working day reading through the news sections whilst me and my colleagues pissed ourselves laughing. Due to curiosity as we couldn’t quite work out the point I did some further research. It turns out that this website sells avatars and accessories to be used within the Second life platform however, the descriptions of the characters are just ridiculous for example we have Carlo (one of my favourites)!, what really tickled me was the description of the avatar as quoted below: Carlo has a Mediterranean appearance, with a slight Asian touch. Sensitive and yet full of temperament, always looking for an adventure. The smooth and clear facial details give CARLO the appearance of a man when we are most wild and hungry for new experiences and discoveries. But take a closer look at him and you can see our designers attention to detail: A man’s eyes mirror his soul and this man is sizzling with heat and energy.    As we had no idea what use this avatars had we had a good laugh at the various descriptions and pictures, I then read that the avatars were to be used within the game Second Life. Again, due to curiosity I did a little bit of research and downloaded the game to test it out. Honestly, I can’t get my head round it but I only played for about 15 minutes so far. It is a 3d virtual reality world where characters can interact with each other or objects within the game. The game has its own currency  L$, if you open a paid for account you are given monies to use otherwise you are left to fend for yourself.  There are reports of people making large sums of money from this game as the currency can be sold back to USD, and with the ability to generate income within the game. There is a high level of entrepreneurial activity within the game with the ability to buy and sell real estate. Also all users retain the rights to any objects they create within the game meaning they can sell them on within the game. There are reports of people starting relationships through second life as well as access to speak to the Swedish embassy, which I think is just bizarre. I will give second life some further investigation but to me it appears a platform for lonely people (lonelier than me ha) with nothing better to do. There is no objective to this game you are merely left to your own devices to wonder round and communicate with out people or purchase objects.

My trip to Download festival and the trauma that followed

Being a huge KISS fan I had to go see them at Download festival on Sunday, it was all a it rushed as my friend and myself didn’t decide to go until Thursday.

Due to the expense and uselessness of the trains on a Sunday my friend drove, which was fine until we hit the car park, never again! There were vehicles stuck all over the place in the mud, and only a few event staff that could actually be bothered to do anything. Luckily we were in no rush having only gone to see the headliners as it took fucking ages to finally get parked and  trawl through the thick mud to the festival itself.

Bear in mind I am quite ignorant to modern music and hadn’t really heard of many of the bands playing. When we finally got there we sat down to what my friend told me were Josh Homme’s new band; Eagles Of Death Metal. They were pretty good but I was more concerned making sure I didn’t move off the small plastic bag I was sat on, getting more mud and shit on me, plus it was really fucking cold and wet. Being the moron I am I didn’t bring a coat and had to wear my friend’s mum’s anorak.

The first band of interest we saw was Slash and Myles Kennedy who were pretty awesome. It was great to hear them play guns n roses sweet child o mine and paradise city as Kennedy pulled it off way better than Axl Rose probably can now, they also played the velvet revolver hit, slither which was cool. It was nice to see slash wearing the same outfit he wore in all of those videos years ago.

Whilst not a motley crew fan, my friend loves them. Their set was pretty good with impressive pyrotechnics, they played their well known songs as well as a cover of anarchy in the UK which went down well. It was quite clear that the guitarist had seen better days which may explain the final tour they announced.

Finally it was time for KISS! I have wanted to see them for the last 10 years so I was just about ready to piss myself, which was preferable to waiting in this line.

KISS really went all out with their stage show as usual, although I was disappointed to hear physcho circus which really is shit. Paul Stanley did his classic flying through the crowd for love gun which made my year. I was really gutted that I missed kiss facepainting so had to walk around with normal face.

Here are a few low quality pictures from their set, my iPhone camera is t very good.


Not really sure what this was.

So after the excitement of seeing my hero Paul Stanley I was feeling pretty good, and then we got to the car. There were vehicles stuck in every direction and no movement whatsoever. There were no staff in sight and I really needed to piss. I eventually found a poor member of staff being shouted at by a Middle Aged bitch in a Nissan micra. After nearly intending the back of her car by pushing her several times, roughly an hour later we managed to get out.

This is when shit got unpleasant:

I was on the verge of pissing my pants all over my friends car when I made her stop at some services in Derby, I ran to the toilet as quick as humanly possible and returned to the car. I noticed some scummy looking cunt had pulled his window down and was trying to get my friends number which she was not responsive to. She the told me he was snorting white powder in full view and nodding out at the wheel.  As a drug user I believe in responsible use, definitely not whilst driving down a motorway late at night.

We quickly pulled out when a few minutes later I noticed that the guy was behind us, I kept an eye on this for a while and it became appRent he was following us. He would t allow us to overtake and would purposely slow down in order to stop us getting passed. I told my friend to pull over at some services in Sheffield to see if he would follow us in there so we could sort this out. Surprisingly he pulled in behind us and parked a few spaces away. I made my friend get inside the service station ASAP. I called the police and made them aware of the situation who said they would send someone out, but in the mean time the guy had parked right next to us effectively blocking us out of fear. The police eventually turned up and searched the guy finding heroin which was enough to arrest him, we just wanted to leave as soon as we could.

This experience has left me a little on edge, being physically strong and able to fight in a controlled environment I never thought anyone could intimidate like that, it has made me think more about my own personal safety.

I would like to thank the gentleman at WH Smith at Woodhall northbound services for being a hero and looking after us, I have emailed your boss to pass on my thanks.

17/03 interesting news stories (to me anyway)

I spend a good 7 hours a day online trawling through all kinds of websites for work, I have been working with a South African client recently, this has involved daily news searches for South Africa and the US, something that I would never usually look at.

The first story that caught my attention this week was Thandi Maqubela; a woman who has been convicted of killing her husband Patrick. Maqubela was convicted in 2009 however, she is still to be sentenced, the sentencing was postponed by the Western Cape high court. There is no conclusive cause of death for Mr Maqubela and the conviction is based upon Mrs Maqubela’s bizarre behaviour, her potentially having forged her husband’s will prior to his death as well as her husband’s known infidelities. The court apparently found that Mrs Maqubela was present with her husband’s decomposing body in a heated room which would suggest that she had in fact killed him, also the police state that she hid the death of her husband and spun a web of lies to create the illusion that he was still alive.


There has been a lot of news coverage since the sentencing, especially over the mental state of Maqubela however, it seems that she has yet to be evaluated by a psychologist. Witnesses have also come forward to speak out about what a caring and compassionate person Maqubela is, which conflicts with the whatever evidence the police seem to have, whether it be circumstantial or not. She did refuse to testify in the trial, which also makes her look guilty.

Without any medical evidence it is hard to know what to make of this case, the court seem to have decided the cause of death as murder on nothing particularly concrete, although I find it hard to believe that she is innocent I don’t think it is fair to judge someone on their behavior for a crime, especially when there are other factors which could have affected you emotionally (impending divorce and marriage problems).

The case has been postponed until next year because of a possible challenge to the mental health report so looks like we will have to keep waiting to see if any more evidence comes to light.

Also in the news in South Africa this week was the first successful penis transplant from a donor, South Africa carry out many circumcisions carried out by the Xhosa tribe who believe that man hood starts with pain, many men suffer as a result of this as it is not done in a sterile or safe environment. This is pretty grim so I am going to leave that one there.

Lastly, the story of Robert Durst I found particularly interesting. In 1982 his wife had disappeared, there was speculation as to if Mr Durst had anything to do with the disappearance however, he was not convicted. Mr Durst fled to LA after his wife’s disappearance where one of his friends was conveniently found dead in her home in 2000. He then fled again after investigators re-opened his case to Texas, where he apparently posed as a mute woman and shot and dismembered a neighbor (WTF was he posing as a mute woman??).


For some stupid reason, Mr Durst despite being under a great deal of suspicion for the last 30 years decided to commit to a 6 part documentary series with HBO called the jinx. Mr Durst might still be walking the streets, posing as the mute if it weren’t for his own stupidity. At the end of filming, while still mic’d up he said to himself, “What the hell did I do? Killed them all of course”. He was then arrested at the Marriott hotel (when I first went there, I thought fuckin’ hell, I’ll have a shower with the free shower gel..) in New Orleans as police were quite confident that the airing of the documentary would see him flee again.

Mr Durst is still claiming his innocence, he thought that the jinx would help clear his name when it has done the exact opposite. I can’t help but think, what a tit! On the one hand I think it could just be an off the cuff remark, as if to say what a ridiculous suggestion it is (I have not yet watched the documentary so I don’t know the tone in which it was said), or he is completely insane and thought that he was untouchable.

If you were under suspicion of murder it is beyond me why you would make such a stupid comment. I will be watching the jinx and following the rest of the case. My opinion from what I have read of this case is that he is an egotistical psycho who’s confidence outweighs their intelligence.

In other news Australia are the wild card in this year’s Eurovision, can’t wait!