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The Royal Windsor Hotel Blackpool – Robbing Cunts

Courtesy of my housemate Jackie:

“When we arrived on the 27th of May at said hotel in the afternoon, the first 1st guy on reception was really nice; tall but stocky with brown hair. Then there was a Scottish bloke who stunk of booze, who was apparently the manager, didn’t smile or say hello, only looked at us. We got our keys and went to our room, but on the way up there were crisp packets and thick dust and dirt that appeared to have been there a while. They put us on the top floor despite saying we were bringing a child, there was no secure place to put a pushchair other than drag up 3 flights of stairs.

We had to leave the key with them anytime we left, giving them full access to our belongings. There was some kind of awful disco that went on all night also. Anyway, the worst of it was the robbing shit bags stole my fucking tablet. I made the bed and the tablet was underneath the quilt, when I realized I didn’t have it with me I called them and they said they would get the cleaners to check and would call me back. over 45 minutes later they hadn’t called me back so I called them again. The Scottish alcoholic answered and said nothing had been found so there was no need for me to come back, I insisted on going back to check.

When I got there he was really defensive and cocky about going to look for it, so I told them I had a find mt tablet app. He then let me go look in the room. When I moved the bed there was loads of dirt underneath it, and my tablet wasn’t there. So he let me into the back room to check the laundry bags and rudely told me to make sure everything went back in the right place. Whilst I was in there, 2 polish employees, possibly the owners came in arguing very suspiciously. I went back to the front desk and asked the Scottish guy if I could speak to the cleaner, he said no because I wouldn’t be able to understand he and she had gone home (she is Polish, and said he had to speak to her with his hands????).

I said I was calling the police, which the manager then turned around to the person behind the desk and said “I’m finished, I’m clocking out”, then the Polish guy asked me to show him the app, but I had already blocked the tablet, they told me there was no need to do that (WTF?!). They had also put up a paper sign saying we do not deal with lost possessions where the taxi numbers are after the incident (because they are sneaky bastards).

The police were informed were informed but were unable to do anything further as there is no CCTV. I rang them to see if they had found my tablet, they told me to fuck off or they would call the police and hung up.

Back to me:

This piss poor excuse for a hotel is to be avoided at all costs, they advertise their bedrooms as looking like this:

room-28when in reality they look like this:

11749799_1074931265869113_2110862672_nif you look on expedia, the hotel claims to have an exterior that looks like this: 6568571_1_yhowever the shit hole actually looks like this: 879647379

The tablet has never been recovered, whilst we have no solid evidence. The behavior of the staff speaks volumes. Also Jackie posted a negative review on tripadvisor, there was also a negative review below it, both have since been removed. Here is a screenshot of said reviews before they were removed:11741827_1075240165838223_40236313_n11749263_1075240022504904_186594128_n11758864_1075240899171483_884748555_n

The hotel doesn’t have a website and google only lists a phone number and address so if anyone has an email address please put in the comment box.

I cannot find a twitter handle for these twats, if anyone has one, please let me know.

Anyone else have any experience with these people?