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Theresa May’s blanket ban, not a waste of tax payers money at all…

“Legal highs” as they are commonly known in the media, or research chemicals have unfortunately become quite prominent in the news lately, which is a shame for responsible researchers, we are not funding a black market and we are offering valuable research and experiences into chemicals with little or no information, we take responsibility for this.

Then we have those fucktards that will take anything that is offered to them, get themselves, usually into a severe panic attack, which is confused with a heart attack or other severe physical symptoms, leading to further media attention. If you are not willing to even entertain that these compounds are named research chemicals then you should not be touching them. They do not become recreational drug of choice unless you are happy with the research you have done on said drug.

Legal highs are now practically impossible to buy on the high street, shops such as Dr Herman’s, Redeye, Fantasia and Rudeboy headshop all no longer stop any research chemicals due to a clamp down on the law, this doesn’t mean you can’t get them on the high street if you know the right people.

More and more poorly researched articles are appearing through Google’s news section which is worrying as it is all biased. Absolutely, drugs can potentially be deadly, so can alcohol and cigarettes yet the government trusts us not to kill ourselves with them (for now) or drain our tax so we fund whatever damage we do to ourselves (just to clarify I am not a smoker and I don’t drink often).

So as I haven’t posted in a while, having been working like a Japanese Prisoner of war I wanted to get a post up about the current situation in the UK regarding research chemicals because in my opinion, the government are working on a blanket ban which will cause more damage than good and I think people need to look at it from this side.

If we look at Darwin for example; natural selection I believe applies as far as drug use. It is all about education, research and moderation. If people are so stupid that they cannot understand this then in certain circumstances, I cannot sympathies. That is not to say every drugs related death is due to being irresponsible.

So I did a Google search for legal high news (surprisingly research chemical news brought me nothing from mainstream media), the first article I came across was one from the guardian which you can read here:

The basis or the article is that (I can’t even find words to express my distaste for this woman’s political views and the work she has done) Theresa May’s legislation that she hopes will impost a blanket ban on psychoactive substances could create criminals out of law abiding citizens.

If we look back at the train wreck of a career of Theresa May, she has always been ignorant, stupid (I know they are kind of the same thing but I meant in different contexts) and has only proved what an absolute moron she is by drawing up this piece of legislation without even realizing herself that it doesn’t actually work, it had to have this pointed out by the advisory council of the mis-use of drugs (ACMD). Although no doubt the daft wench will ignore their advice as per the Professor Nutt incident.

Apparently May is willing to make amendments only to ensure the bill passes and people like us who would rather sit in on a Friday getting baked, watching Netflix with our Mrs (happy Saturday) or just chilling at someone’s house having a laugh and a smoke get penalized, yet the people are still free to binge themselves into a pit of aggression and dig their false nails into my neck in the middle of a packed bar?

It seems to me that the UK is going backwards with it’s drug laws, and I cannot see anything good coming of this. The war on drugs in America resulted with 1% of the population in prison, the British economy cannot sustain this, nor can it sustain the unnecessary amount of man hours from the police force is spending catching petty criminals who merely enjoy recreational drug use. One thing the war on drugs did prove is that there is always going to be demand, someone has to supply, by putting research chemicals on the black market you are only extending it and creating more criminals.

Since the US have started to legalize and decriminalize cannabis it has helped their economy hugely. A report earlier in the year from the Huffington Post which you can read here: Discusses how the legalization of cannabis is the fastest growing industry within the US, it is creating jobs, people have access to better medicines (THC and CBD) and less arrests are happening. Why does the UK want to go against this, what do they hope to achieve?

May’s bill would see any of us poor cunts with any psychoactive substance which is not listed under her exempt list (gin and all forms of sugary and fatty food by the looks of her) would face a 7 year custodial sentence. Does that seem fair when people commit violent and sexual crimes which ruin the rest of their victims lives as well as their families life and get out in about 5? I certainly don’t, if someone wants to smoke some herbal incense because they are subjected to drug testing or just because it helps them relax, the same way people do with a beer at the end of the day, that does not make them a danger to society and that doesn’t have any bearing on that person’s character whatsoever, to them label them a criminal disgusts me.

A lot of people have spoken out against the ban, this article on the Independent speaks to several students about how they feel about the ban. A similar ban was implemented in ROI in 2010 and has proved itself to be a very flawed bill on the basis that any substance confiscated has to be tested and the police must prove that it is in fact psychoactive before any charges can be brought, often leaving the police powerless, apparently only 4 arrests have occurred in 5 years as a result of this legislation.

So we are in a lose/lose situation. We are either imprisoned for 7 years for getting high (I am good citizen believe it or not, I pay my taxes, I work full time, I don’t cause any harm to other people) or are tax is wasted by May’s idiotic and poorly researched bill which will cost the police force millions in testing and scientific research on chemicals it is not necessarily going to be familiar with.

So what do we think? Will this bill pass? If so, will it just be like Ireland where the police are pretty powerless, are we going to see a black market of synthetic cannabanoids and analouges which is even more dangerous than the current market.

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Attempt number 2 at making C-liquid (not doing well)

so the first attempt whilst not overly successful in the sense that the liquid was not clear however, the C-liquid still got me high so can’t really complain.

I have an obsession with artificial grape flavour, I had been struggling to find any 0mg liquid in town, until I went to see the lovely people in Redeye (or if they are changing their name, whatever) who had it in abundance. I picked up 40ml and ordered 2 grams of BB-22 just as I had never tried it and I was curious.

I read that it is not really effective to place more than 20mg per ml of liquid, having no scales (again I strongly recommend against eyeballing potent chemicals). I put roughly 800mg of the cannabanoid in the 40ml if e liquid.


I placed it in a breaker, resting it on something as to not burn it. After quite some time it became apparent that the BB-22 was not going to dissolve properly so as per the guide in the pervious C liquid post, I placed the beaker in the microwave until it started bubbling which gave me a clear solution.

unnamed (3)liquid

I left the mixture to cool, I can only assume I either put too much BB-22 in the solution or I didn’t apply enough heat, although I was concerned about damaging the cannabanoids.

Next time (I have roughly 60ml so will be a while. I while choose a cannabanoid which has a fear ratio on that guide and try to apply more heat without spoiling the solution.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong or help in anyway, please either email me or leave a comment.

I have recently upgraded from a standard tidy battery, at I believe 3.2, I got myself a variable voltage which goes up to 4.8; the C-twist tornado from Totally wicked, I have noticed a definitive difference in strength and would recommend anyone who is getting to vaping to invest in some more solid equipment as you will notice the benefit.

Image property of http://www.vaping360.com

insane suggestion to blanket ban pretty much everything

All high street head shops have been “asboed” as they put it from selling any forms of research chemicals or legal highs however, they are still available in abundance online.

The law that the government wants to pass defines psychoactive substances as:

(a) is capable of producing a psychoactive effect in a person who consumes it, and
(b) is not an exempted substance.

It is the definition of “psychoactive” which, rightly, has attracted the most

This far too vague a wording, obviously though nicotine, tobacco and caffeine are exempt or there would be further outrage.

It seems that there are non psychoactive substances which would fall under this law such as; hops filled pillows, the scent of flowers or air fresher as well as certain vaping liquids which contain certain additives.

In my opinion no good can come of this, the government have made themselves look like a bunch of tits yet again, the wording og that bill is so poor that it needs to be looked at and complete overhauled. Not only this but by making all drugs illegal they are creating a larger and more dangerous black market which costs tax payers a fortune for them to keep fighting the unwinnable drugs war.

I will be very disappointed if this law passes, what are your thoughts on this?

sweet leaf obliteration herbal incense review

The name says it all really; obliteration. This stuff is either stupidly strong or my tolerance has gone down, which is unlikely. This blend caught me off guard with it’s strength so be careful is my advice. Here is a picture of the back of the packet:

IMG_0338 (2)

This blend is particularly in-offensive in terns of aroma as some are pretty nasty which is a benefit and reasonably priced at at £14 for 3g from purechemicals.net.

This blend completely wiped me out initially, I fell asleep some after using it after being in a state of retardedness which i quite enjoyed. It is not very long lasting so you are able to function again within 40 minutes or so after using.

I would recommend this blend to people experienced with herbal incense but certainly not beginners as I can see this one potentially leading to panic attacks and whiteys.

Overall I would give this blend a 9/10, very pleased with it as a seasoned user of such herbal incense blends.

C-liquid and thank Christ for it

So my local head shop have been selling c-liquid for some time but it never crossed my mind to try it, until the other day. I am slightly concerned about smoking research chemicals and strange plant matter, but if I get sick I have no one to blame but myself.
So with some small regard for my health a bought an e cig and 5ml of vanilla c-liquid.
Initially it took some getting used to, as with vaping cannabis I find I get a strong head high and no body load.
I’ve been using it for a few days now and I will continue to take my synthetic cannabanoids in this fashion as it feels much better on my lungs.
C-liquid is nothing new, there are brands such as buddah blues, buy any chemical’s version, K2 and mellow mood to name a few. I bought this one which doesn’t seem to be branded.
The beauty of the C-liquid is if you’re lucky enough to work for a company which doesn’t have a zero tolerance policy in place, you can slyly get away with it during those stressful moments (only if it doesn’t affect your work) or when you’re out and about.
It is only a matter of time before this one gets caught up in a ban so let us enjoy it responsibly while we still can.

The law trying to limit sales of research chemicals


Well as of the 9th of April the home office decided to ban sales of ethylphenidate, EP pellets, 3,4,CTMP and IPPD. Possession of these substances is not an offence but vendors have had their stock seized and apparently burnt by the police (what I was told by one head shop).
Apparently last Tuesday the police visited the head shops in Leeds in order to ASBO if you will them from selling research chemicals.


Whilst cannabanoids and benzos as well as all other RCs appear to be safe from this particular ban for now however I have also been told by one head shop they are to deplete their stock, meaning we may no longer be able to purchase legal drugs from our local head shops anymore, putting small shops out of business.
It appears that the home office have placed a 6 month ban on these chemicals whilst they gather enough evidence to outlaw them, as with previous designer drugs. But if the UK government with their insane new policies decide a blanket ban is to be put into place, the black market of the drugs trade will increase.
Since a shop opened in our local area there have been many incidents of people buying research chemicals without doing the research and ending up in A&E which has brought a lot of attention to research chemicals locally. I once called 111 as my housemate was seriously ill and there was a recorded message asking if any research chemicals had been ingested as obviously people were causing themselves harm.
Research chemicals need to stay off the government/NHS/media radar before a blanket ban is out into place. People need to use these chemicals responsibly and test small amounts for bad reactions before taking a recreational dose.
Currently my local head shop is still selling a reasonable range of research chemicals unlike Leeds however, the police could easily drop by tomorrow and ban their sales of chems.

Head shops – Leeds

So after a nasty bout of insomnia lasting several weeks and my local head shop running out of diclazepam, I went on the search for for a different head shop today to see what I could find. I would have been able to cope one more sleepless night but due to the bank holiday any postage would have been delayed, OTC sleep aids such as nytol and sominex do nothing for me so I went in search if something else before I can get to the doctors for a prescription.

Back a couple of years ago head shops mainly specialised in bongs and other smoking paraphernalia a long with the odd BZP pill or bag of Amsterdam shite that was basically just twigs and herbs. Since the increase in the research chemical market there are more and more head shops popping up across the UK.

I took a trip to Leeds city centre knowing of at least 3 head shops selling research chemicals. Being a bank holiday my first two port of calls; Dr Herman’s and Fantasia were both closed for the day. I had seen that there was a new head shop in Hyde Park called Rudeboy so thought I would see if this retailer could be my savior.

The shop is at the end of Hyde Park and not very noticeable, the owner was stood outside chatting to a window cleaner and politely invited me inside. It isn’t a large shop but I noticed that he had a reasonable amount of rc’s behind the counter.

In the past when trying to find legal benzos in a head shop I have been limited to etizolam (love it) and diclazepam (not so recreational) which is sold under the brand name “get calm and carry on”. Rudeboy’s had a much more interesting selection than other shops I had visited so I picked up some, nifoxipam (just tested it, quite subtle but pleasant), diclazepam for sleep, clonazolam, pyrazolam and flubromazepam (apparently I’m very brave).

I also picked up some herbal incense whilst I was there, sensate, spun out and clockwork orange reloaded. So far I have tried the sensate and whilst not overpowering it is quite a pleasant high and doesn’t taste like arse like some.

It would appear this is quite a new head shop, it is in an ideal location being near Hyde Park and the university so I don’t think there will be a great deal of competition with the other stores in Leeds city centre.

I would thoroughly recommend this shop, friendly owner, good prices and a good variety of products.

10 drugs documentaries worth watching


I am a fan of the documentary, I like to learn useless information however, drugs is a subject which I am particularly interested in, here are my top 10; if anyone has any suggestions please comment.

10: Legally high

This documentary was made in 2013 just as the “legal high” or research chemical market was becoming more prominent due to press attention. I watched this one a while ago, whilst not great it is worth watching if you have any interest in research chemicals as well as disdain for people who pay no regard to harm reduction. Unfortunately the link doesn’t work in the UK but if i remember correctly this is the one with the idiot who bought RCs online and then sold them to his friends under a different name, giving them no opportunity to do any research, although most of them were too young and stupid to have bothered.

9: Can I get high legally

This was a particularly poor and uninformative documentary made by the BBC, presented by the massive twat that is George Lamb. Lamb goes round trying to discuss legal drugs with users and scientists and it is blatantly clear throughout that he has done little research and has no clue what he is on about. The highlight of this documentary is Lamb trying some legal highs and flying off to Pluto in front of the cameras.

8: LSD, magic mushrooms & CIA mind control

There are several documentaries which look at how the US military tested psychoactive drugs on members of the military as well as the public without giving full disclosure of the experiments. There are survivors of these experiments who have been interviewed about their experiences and they are just horrific. The dosages that test subjects were given were just insane, and to put someone in uncomfortable surroundings whilst in that state is just cruel. Also it was stated that people would be spiked at random in the office, one minute they would be going about their business walking down the street, the next they’re tripping balls and have no idea why.

The idea behind the research was to create a weapon to use against enemies which would render them unable to fight. It was eventually determined that this type of treatment was inhumane and the tests were supposedly stopped.

7: Super High Me

A similar premise to super size me, comedian Doug Benson spends 30 days sober, then 30 days blazed out of his mind. There isn’t really a great deal to learn from this documentary, it is just funny if you’re high.

6:Louis Theroux; the city addicted to crystal meth
(Can’t find a YouTube link but can be found on Netflix)
In this documentary Theroux travels to Central Valley, Fresno in California, a place which has been ravaged by methamphetamine. Whilst it is interesting and sad to see the state that Meth has driven these people to, I am not a fan of Theroux’s interviewing techniques. I find that he pussyfoots around his interviewees and is almost too scared to ask what he wants, leaving the audience feeling unfililled.

5: Heroin, Hooked: illegal drugs ep 2.

Similar to number 2, this episode focuses on heroin rather than cocaine.

4: Metamorphosis: Ayahuasca documentary

There are backpacking trips you can go on where you stay in a remote village and a shaman leads you through an Ayahusca trip (not for the faint hearted). There is a strict diet which must be followed prior to ingesting the plant as to not cause serotonin syndrome or similar (I could be wrong). There are several steps of taking the plant before you become fully submerged in the trip, there is a lot of purging and unpleasant psychical affects, but once you finally achieve the trip I hear it is life changing. It is reported that until you see a snake which tries to eat you, you have not entered fully into the trip, there are many reports of this, some people believe the snake is the spirit of the plant.
Ayahusca can be bought from head shops but I would never recommend such an intense drug unless you are in the correct settings such as with a shaman.

3: Culture High

Culture high looks at the modern day attitude on the drug war on cannabis, it looks at why cannabis may have been made illegal and the modern day attitude to pot smoking.

2:Cocaine, Hooked: illegal drugs ep 3.

The history channel did an interesting series about the history of illegal drugs and how they became acceptable OTC medications to the cause of many problems in society. Both cocaine and heroin were given OTC as cough supp-resents (hence codeine now being available instead). The documentary looks at the uses of these medications and what caused the changes in drug laws.

1:Dirty Pictures

I was initially very excited about this release, but then forgot about it in true stoner style. It is a documentary looking particularly at the life of Alexander Shulgin who is a pioneer in the drugs industry. The documentary looks at research into psychedelic compounds and how these can be used medically to help people with metal health problems as well as unlocking parts of the mind that we have yet to understand.

Obviously there are many drugs documentaries out there, these are just a handful that I picked out. If anyone has any recommendations then please get in touch with me.

Buying research chemicals online in the UK-

Due to the limited amount of headshops, their high prices and their limited amount of products, a lot of the time it can be easier to buy online. Whilst I do love my local headshop, their prices are more than I would pay online. I thought I would give you a brief review of a couple of online shops I have used and my opinions (purely my opinion) as well as tips for finding legitimate websites:



Official Benzo Fury

I have only recently started using this site to purchase Etizolam. I purchased 25 the other day without realising it was buy one get one free, and then they sent me another 10 on top of my order so I was very pleased. I have had some brief email correspondence with them and they do seem thoroughly nice :).
The only downside I find to using officialbenzofury is that I have to get things sent signed for, so I have to get them sent to work and lie about what is in the envelope haha. I would say no other complaints but that isn’t even a complaint, at least it ensures I get my order safely.
I would thoroughly recommend this website.


Rave Beans

I used to use Ravebeans quite a lot, I always found them incredibly reliable and often would find extra items with my purchase. However on 2 or 3 occasions I have opened the package to find items missing. They would usually just send out the item at the earliest convenience which didn’t really bother me. Although the last time this happened, after not receiving an email response for a good few hours I gave them a call to see if they were going to replace the item. They actually asked me if I had filmed myself opening the package (something that I’m sure we all do) and told me that all orders are checked by 3 people so she was reluctant to believe they had made a mistake. She did agree to send out the remaining item however, it wasn’t happy with the customer service.
Once excellent thing about ravebeans is they often have a 50% offer although this can be very hit and miss when they actually update the voucher codes. For March according to their blog posts they only activated the code on the 23rd yet claiming 50% off throughout the entire of March, which is only useful if you own a working time machine.
I have used ravebeans since and had no issues, generally it runs very smoothly and their offers are fantastic so for that reason I would recommend.


Global Weekends

I have only used Global Weekends once but the delivery was quick and they often send me vouchers via email which I can’t complain about, they are reasonably priced and have a wide range of products. I would recommend this site.

As I said, I do love my local headshop Red Eye so I do tend to get most of my research chemicals there just as it is pretty close by and easy enough to drop by after work if it has been a stressful day.

Tips on finding the best research chemical vendors

Because of the increasing popularity of research chemicals, vendors are emerging all the time, it is important to know that you are buying from a reliable source for 2 reasons:
1. You want to be sure the substance you are getting is what it says it is.
2. You don’t want to throw your money away.


A good way to research the legitimacy of a site is to check drugs forums, a few have sections for site reviews which will tell you if a site is reliable.

Another way is to Google the website and see if there are any reviews.

There are dedicated sites which list scam sites, here are a couple:


Popular legal high of the past

i first discovered legal highs around 2009. The legal high scene was very limited in regards to the products that were available now as the market at that time was reasonably small due to quite a small community who were aware of legal highs at the time.

During this time websites such as everyonedoesit were incredibly popular due to their sale of legal highs, something they no longer deal in. I also used to use legithit and feedmybush for neorganics products and synthetic smoking blends.

Spice, spice gold and spice diamond were all very popular smoking blends and can be read about in this post.

Spice diamond

The neorganics range sub coca, doves and spirits were insanely popular but I believe they had to keep changing their recipe due to changes in frug laws and the products just weren’t as good.


BZP was a favourite for a few years, I assume because it was just about the only legal stimulant available at the time. There are a few piperzines used for recreational purposes such as TFMPP, mCPP, pFPP, MeOPP and MBZP. I personally hate these substances and see no recreational value, they create a horrible body load and kill all appetite an ability to sleep whilst causing bad headaches and dehydration. Thankfully these products have little place in the market anymore due to newer and more recreational substances being released.


Mephedrone was at one time a very popular legal high until it became overly popular and it gained a lot of media attention under stupid names such as “meow meow”. The quality of Mephedrone while legal was usually very good as it was coming from labs in China in bulk and then being sold by reputable online retailers. Now it’s illegal it’s probably cut to fuck. As well as mephedrone there was the slightly less popular methylone which I never tried.