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Rachael Dolezal; please help me understand

When doing a bit of research on Caitlyn Jenner the other week, I came across an article which compared Jenner’s transition to Dolezal’s so called transition from white to black. I was shocked by this article and did some further research however, I still can’t quite understand.

I have a great deal of respect for the trans community, and my belief (based on speaking to transgender folk and studies I have read) is that the male and female brain are wired differently, if you are born with a brain wired towards the other sex, you are more likely to identify as this gender. I truly believe these people were born into the wrong bodies and I support any one going through the grueling transition process.

From what I have read of Dolezal, she is a white female, as you can see her parents are as white as they come: parentswho mis-represented herself as a black woman. She was the president of NAACP or National Association for the advancement of colored people for the Washington Chapter, until she resigned in 2015 after the allegations of her mis-representation began to surface. Dolezal claimed on an application to the Spokane city hall claiming she was an ethnic mix of African American, white, black amongst others. Her parents have since come out to “throw her under the bus” as some of her supporters seem to think.

The parents have provided a picture of Dolezal as a child and you can clearly see she is white:

404Since her parents have spoken out Dolezal has refused to speak to them due to an ongoing law suit and maintains her heritage as a black woman and doesn’t view her parents as her real parents. she even stated that her real father was a black man, something that has been stated as lies by her parents.

So my issue with Dolezal’s attitude and transition to one race from another is that she has no ties to black heritage and I don’t know how she can identify as black as she cannot have ever been subject to racial discrimination nor is slavery or any part of black history part of her or her family’s history. As a white person I am offended by her attitude that she feels black inside, how can you feel a certain race? Surely you can only identify with certain heritages and culture which does not affect something as fundamental as your race or entire upbringing. Again, speaking as a white person this is only my opinion and I mean no offence; Dolezal doesn’t understand the struggle and discrimination the black community have faced, she has only read about it in books, this to me does not qualify her to teach anything relating to black history or rights. What annoys me the most is that Dolezal still maintains that she is black despite her parents pretty much proving she wasn’t, if you look at a picture of her: Rachel-Dolezal-NAACP-Spokane-1if you look closely, she has quite distinct bright blue eyes, not that this is a definitive sign that she is not black. Her skin tone appears unnatural as if she has used a fake tan, she has an orange glow about her, never seen anyone but a British Chav with this skin tone. Lastly, while again, I mean no offence, her facial features are very white, as you can see from the picture here: rachel-dolezal-3not only does she look white in every way, shape or form, her parents have confirmed this yet she still continues to argue her point.

In my opinion Dolezal is a confused and stupid individual who thinks that she can use the discrimination card as and when she feels like it. She attempted to sue Howard University in 2002 for anti-white discrimination, and then began to identify as black in 2015, can’t have it both ways love!

Also Dolezal did a recent interview with Vanity Fair in which she insisted she is black and doesn’t identify as African America as there is a difference between the two races.

Since all this shit has kicked off Dolezal is struggling for work and apparently turned to hair dressing to make ends meet, putting in weaves and what not for her black girlfriends (LOL). She wants to write a book to put her side of the story across as she feels that her career is shattered unless she can provide a published explanation for the mis-representation.

I would be interested to see how she talks her way round this one, also if anyone has any experiences of race transitions or thoughts please get involved in the comment box.