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Purechemicals stupid or just lazy?

I have used Purechemicals (I refuse to put any backlinks to their site on here and will be removing any existing ones) on many occasions and always found them to be very reliable and professional, hence why I would keep going back. I was very happy until recently when I had made an order of around £70 on 31st of July. I chased them on the 3rd August to see where the order was as all orders are sent special delivery which 90% of the time turn up the following day.

I spoke to a bloke who initially informed me that there was a backlog with Royal mail in my particular area??? His colleague then took the phone and informed me that he had in fact forgot to post it out and would do it today (why did this other idiot try and blame royal mail??). I explained that I am not happy about this because I am a freelancer, I am at various addresses throughout the week so if I need something sent to a specific delivery address within the timescales of the postage method I have chosen, if it fails I am fucked basically.

They gave me a lot of errrming as if to say what the fuck do you want us to do (you job perhaps) and then agreed to send it special delivery to a specific work address so I would have it the following day. I explicitly went through the shipping address and had them reiterate it back to me, they still managed to send it to the wrong address however.

I put this down to perhaps a bad day or too much indulging in their own products but I placed another order of around £60 on 1st September and received an email confirmation to say it had been shipped (it hadn’t). I chased this again the following working day to be told yet again that they had forgot to send the item out. I asked why the fuck they had sent me a tracking number for an item that cannot be tracked, apparently just so I have it (makes perfect sense doesn’t it?). I had initially asked the order to be sent to a work address, obviously didn’t show up because the idiots forgot to post it, so now I have had to have it sent to my home address where no one is there to sign for it purely because when I request a different delivery address to billing address, their tiny little minds can’t quite grasp it.

Usually these guys are quite good but I would not recommend them to anyone, their customer service is not great, to forget to send out orders and not even offer an apology or communication to say the previous email was a lie is disgusting. The very fact that they cannot undertake a simple task like sending an item to an address, quoted back by both parties verbally. I do not know the gentlemen in question, I am sure they are very nice people but I no longer trust them with my money and someone else can have it.

Theresa May’s blanket ban, not a waste of tax payers money at all…

“Legal highs” as they are commonly known in the media, or research chemicals have unfortunately become quite prominent in the news lately, which is a shame for responsible researchers, we are not funding a black market and we are offering valuable research and experiences into chemicals with little or no information, we take responsibility for this.

Then we have those fucktards that will take anything that is offered to them, get themselves, usually into a severe panic attack, which is confused with a heart attack or other severe physical symptoms, leading to further media attention. If you are not willing to even entertain that these compounds are named research chemicals then you should not be touching them. They do not become recreational drug of choice unless you are happy with the research you have done on said drug.

Legal highs are now practically impossible to buy on the high street, shops such as Dr Herman’s, Redeye, Fantasia and Rudeboy headshop all no longer stop any research chemicals due to a clamp down on the law, this doesn’t mean you can’t get them on the high street if you know the right people.

More and more poorly researched articles are appearing through Google’s news section which is worrying as it is all biased. Absolutely, drugs can potentially be deadly, so can alcohol and cigarettes yet the government trusts us not to kill ourselves with them (for now) or drain our tax so we fund whatever damage we do to ourselves (just to clarify I am not a smoker and I don’t drink often).

So as I haven’t posted in a while, having been working like a Japanese Prisoner of war I wanted to get a post up about the current situation in the UK regarding research chemicals because in my opinion, the government are working on a blanket ban which will cause more damage than good and I think people need to look at it from this side.

If we look at Darwin for example; natural selection I believe applies as far as drug use. It is all about education, research and moderation. If people are so stupid that they cannot understand this then in certain circumstances, I cannot sympathies. That is not to say every drugs related death is due to being irresponsible.

So I did a Google search for legal high news (surprisingly research chemical news brought me nothing from mainstream media), the first article I came across was one from the guardian which you can read here:

The basis or the article is that (I can’t even find words to express my distaste for this woman’s political views and the work she has done) Theresa May’s legislation that she hopes will impost a blanket ban on psychoactive substances could create criminals out of law abiding citizens.

If we look back at the train wreck of a career of Theresa May, she has always been ignorant, stupid (I know they are kind of the same thing but I meant in different contexts) and has only proved what an absolute moron she is by drawing up this piece of legislation without even realizing herself that it doesn’t actually work, it had to have this pointed out by the advisory council of the mis-use of drugs (ACMD). Although no doubt the daft wench will ignore their advice as per the Professor Nutt incident.

Apparently May is willing to make amendments only to ensure the bill passes and people like us who would rather sit in on a Friday getting baked, watching Netflix with our Mrs (happy Saturday) or just chilling at someone’s house having a laugh and a smoke get penalized, yet the people are still free to binge themselves into a pit of aggression and dig their false nails into my neck in the middle of a packed bar?

It seems to me that the UK is going backwards with it’s drug laws, and I cannot see anything good coming of this. The war on drugs in America resulted with 1% of the population in prison, the British economy cannot sustain this, nor can it sustain the unnecessary amount of man hours from the police force is spending catching petty criminals who merely enjoy recreational drug use. One thing the war on drugs did prove is that there is always going to be demand, someone has to supply, by putting research chemicals on the black market you are only extending it and creating more criminals.

Since the US have started to legalize and decriminalize cannabis it has helped their economy hugely. A report earlier in the year from the Huffington Post which you can read here: Discusses how the legalization of cannabis is the fastest growing industry within the US, it is creating jobs, people have access to better medicines (THC and CBD) and less arrests are happening. Why does the UK want to go against this, what do they hope to achieve?

May’s bill would see any of us poor cunts with any psychoactive substance which is not listed under her exempt list (gin and all forms of sugary and fatty food by the looks of her) would face a 7 year custodial sentence. Does that seem fair when people commit violent and sexual crimes which ruin the rest of their victims lives as well as their families life and get out in about 5? I certainly don’t, if someone wants to smoke some herbal incense because they are subjected to drug testing or just because it helps them relax, the same way people do with a beer at the end of the day, that does not make them a danger to society and that doesn’t have any bearing on that person’s character whatsoever, to them label them a criminal disgusts me.

A lot of people have spoken out against the ban, this article on the Independent speaks to several students about how they feel about the ban. A similar ban was implemented in ROI in 2010 and has proved itself to be a very flawed bill on the basis that any substance confiscated has to be tested and the police must prove that it is in fact psychoactive before any charges can be brought, often leaving the police powerless, apparently only 4 arrests have occurred in 5 years as a result of this legislation.

So we are in a lose/lose situation. We are either imprisoned for 7 years for getting high (I am good citizen believe it or not, I pay my taxes, I work full time, I don’t cause any harm to other people) or are tax is wasted by May’s idiotic and poorly researched bill which will cost the police force millions in testing and scientific research on chemicals it is not necessarily going to be familiar with.

So what do we think? Will this bill pass? If so, will it just be like Ireland where the police are pretty powerless, are we going to see a black market of synthetic cannabanoids and analouges which is even more dangerous than the current market.

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Research chemicals still available to buy on high street

On my way through town earlier I noticed one of the news stories was something like lethal legal highs back on sale in York,  upon returning home I checked their website (I’m not buying it!) and came across this.

Apparently a specific shop in York is still selling incense blends if you ask over the counter. I do not want to name said shop as I think the people who work their are lovely and if you live locally you will know who I mean anyway. However, I feel this was a silly decision on the shop’s part. After being told by police not to sell these products anymore (I am not entirely sure about this, just what I have heard). They then revamped the shop away from a head shop to prepare for this stupid up coming ban and stated that they would no longer be selling any research chemicals. I had walked past the other day and noticed some empty packs of green crack and cotton candy, 2 of the blends available at said shop prior to change over which made me question if they were still selling them.

I think with the media’s attitude towards research chemicals this was an un-wise decision as I would be paranoid that a member of the press of similar local news would do what they have done and catch them out, potentially causing issues with trading standards (I hope not).

To quote the presses article:

James Hall, who runs the York Against Legal Highs Facebook page, said: “It is well known that legal highs are extremely dangerous and the dishonesty demonstrated by this shop shows they cannot be believed when they say that the products are not intended for human consumption.

“They cannot be believed when they say they check ID to ensure the customer is over 18 and they cannot be believed about anything else in the future.

“It is time for the authorities, Trading Standards and the police to take robust action, right now, before more people end up in hospital or worse.”

This could potentially cause issues for the store, I hope that one sneaky, local journalist (living the dream bud) doesn’t cause them any issues with regulators or even start some kind of vigilante group.

So whilst I am pleased I can pick up some incense in town, I am a bit disappointed in how they have handled this as it is a chain not just one store, I personally wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side if the law or my regulators this early into business.

I hope that those knob head mother groups doesn’t pick up on this one because as I said, the staff there are good and don’t deserve to be out of a job over poor management decisions (again this is just a guess).

I would always recommend this shop to other people looking for related products as The staff were always very helpful and would go out of their way to offer the best service and recommend the most suitable products rather than trying to get people to buy the more expensive items.


I will be intrigued to see if any further action can or will be taken from this, I hope not as the law hasn’t yet passed so they are still within the law to sell these items, and the way the press have gone about this is just sneaky, but retailers of this nature need to look out for such things.

The idea to ban all psychoactive substances is patronizing, we should all be allowed to ingest any substances we wish, I don’t need David Cameron to tell me drugs are bad m’kay. This will only create a black market for these substances, when mephedrone was made Class A various street dealers started selling it. A nasty enough drug in its pure form, let alone cut to shit.

I think the government need to look at USA and start relaxing drug laws, not tightening them, this does no good to anyone. The war on drugs is clearly a losing battle, I don’t understand why they would waste time and resources on that failing war, which the government will never, ever win. Where ever there is demand, someone will have the resource to fill those demands, including illicit substances.

What are your thoughts on this?

Leave a comment and we can discuss.

Attempt number 2 at making C-liquid (not doing well)

so the first attempt whilst not overly successful in the sense that the liquid was not clear however, the C-liquid still got me high so can’t really complain.

I have an obsession with artificial grape flavour, I had been struggling to find any 0mg liquid in town, until I went to see the lovely people in Redeye (or if they are changing their name, whatever) who had it in abundance. I picked up 40ml and ordered 2 grams of BB-22 just as I had never tried it and I was curious.

I read that it is not really effective to place more than 20mg per ml of liquid, having no scales (again I strongly recommend against eyeballing potent chemicals). I put roughly 800mg of the cannabanoid in the 40ml if e liquid.


I placed it in a breaker, resting it on something as to not burn it. After quite some time it became apparent that the BB-22 was not going to dissolve properly so as per the guide in the pervious C liquid post, I placed the beaker in the microwave until it started bubbling which gave me a clear solution.

unnamed (3)liquid

I left the mixture to cool, I can only assume I either put too much BB-22 in the solution or I didn’t apply enough heat, although I was concerned about damaging the cannabanoids.

Next time (I have roughly 60ml so will be a while. I while choose a cannabanoid which has a fear ratio on that guide and try to apply more heat without spoiling the solution.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong or help in anyway, please either email me or leave a comment.

I have recently upgraded from a standard tidy battery, at I believe 3.2, I got myself a variable voltage which goes up to 4.8; the C-twist tornado from Totally wicked, I have noticed a definitive difference in strength and would recommend anyone who is getting to vaping to invest in some more solid equipment as you will notice the benefit.

Image property of http://www.vaping360.com

Sweet Leaf C-Liquid review

As you can tell by previous posts I am a fan of C-Liquids, I can get high on the go and in public without anyone suspecting, and some of them are pretty good.

I have so far tried the herbal oils vanilla and blueberry (bubblegum flavour really doesn’t appeal to me). I think this was my favourite of all the C-Liquids as it tasted really good and was quite strong. The only downside is the price, at roughly £2o for 4ml that is insane, I can’t afford that.


You will also see my review of on the Buddah Blues liquids, the most expensive, again at £20 for 4ml is lovely but again is too expensive to consider, the cheaper alternatives task horrid.


I noticed that purechemicals were selling C-Liquid at £20 for 10ml which I though was more reasonable. I initially bought their own brand, gummi bear flavour, whilst it wasn’t unpleasant it was overly sweet, I don’t know if it was my e-cig (never had an issue before or since) but I struggled to get a good hit off it.


I then tried the sweet leaf C-liquid on their site, which is the same price and I am currently using, I have even bought another bottle because I enjoyed it so much.
It has a reasonably good strength, not overpowering but gives a nice subtle high that is definitely noticable, and tastes almost like tropic fruits. I would recommend this C-Liquid to anyone who uses it. Due to it’s good strength, taste and excellent price. I will be sticking to this product for now.


Anyone else use C-Liquid? What is your brand of choice, or what are your thoughts? Let me know.

sweet leaf obliteration herbal incense review

The name says it all really; obliteration. This stuff is either stupidly strong or my tolerance has gone down, which is unlikely. This blend caught me off guard with it’s strength so be careful is my advice. Here is a picture of the back of the packet:

IMG_0338 (2)

This blend is particularly in-offensive in terns of aroma as some are pretty nasty which is a benefit and reasonably priced at at £14 for 3g from purechemicals.net.

This blend completely wiped me out initially, I fell asleep some after using it after being in a state of retardedness which i quite enjoyed. It is not very long lasting so you are able to function again within 40 minutes or so after using.

I would recommend this blend to people experienced with herbal incense but certainly not beginners as I can see this one potentially leading to panic attacks and whiteys.

Overall I would give this blend a 9/10, very pleased with it as a seasoned user of such herbal incense blends.

Buddha Blues C-liquid review

I received my package promptly in a box, it only gives the option of recorded mail so no chances of it being lost or either side trying to pull a fast one to quote a less pleasant vendor.

Usually I get my C-liquid from my local headshop p, but due to recent changes the law are managing to enforce, it is no longer selling such products so I thought I would start looking for the best online vendor for my C-liquid usage.

I ordered the “Buddah Blues Eliquid souvenir” as it was only £12.50 for 4ml. My first thought upon placing the Eliquid in my “oil burner” was that it has a scent very similar to standard, cheap mouthwash however the effects were quite pleasant and very similar to the more expensive version I had been using.

The only downside I found with this particular Eliquid is the taste, even other people who tried it were horrified, but considering the price I would overlook this, while it isn’t nice, it is more than tolerable.

So I have made another purchase from this site, one of each of the 4ml Eliquids, (mouthwash, watermelon and blueberry) for £40 which I think is quite reasonable as I was unable to get this amount of C-liquid for that price at other online stores I had checked out and I already know the lowest quality one is not really low quality in terms of effects.

You can check out the website at:  http://www.legalhigheliquid.co.uk I would recommend anyone who smokes synthetic cannabanoids to switch to vaping over smoking blends as I have felt great improvements in terms of coughing and my cardio fitness levels. There are a few ready made Eliquids on the market already however it wouldn’t be difficult to make your own and would probably work out cheaper. 

I intend in the future to just make it myself using the powdered chemicals which are quite cheap and the propylene glycol and glycerin should hopefully, bind the 2 as a solvent, however I need to do a lot more research on this before I start, hence this purchase to keep me going in the mean time.

All I can say is thank god there is no 0 tolerance policy in my work place!

Update: 02/06/2015

So I received my 3 Buddah Blues e liquids, watermelon, blueberry and whatever the mouth wash flavour one is meant to be.

I first tried the watermelon, my initial thought was that’s some funky melon, are they sure they know what a watermelon is? Although I think I might be being a bit unfair with that. It does have a watermelon-ish taste but also has a hint of whatever makes the standard one slightly unpleasant. While again, it did what it was intended to do and I am happy with it in one respect, it has such a strange and unpleasant odour that I just don’t think, for me it is the best product out there. They are reasonably cheap but with other vendors now coming out with liquids around the same price with a more pleasant aromas I don’t think I will choose this one again.

I haven’t tried the blueberry one yet, I’m nervy after the watermelon! I should be receiving some 5F-AKB48 C-liquid from purechemicals.net tomorrow at my desk, 10ml and gummi bear flavour (we shall see about that) for only £20. I will post a review once I have tried it. Failing that I will probably go back to the herbal oils blueberry or vanilla c-liquid as that tastes very pleasant and is fairly strong.

I will update this again when I have braved the blueberry

Update 06/06/2015

I have now tried the blueberry liquid and it is almost like it is made by other company. First of all the taste is really nice, no hint of mouthwash with this one. Also this particular liquid seems stronger than the others, strong to the point that I fell over in the middle of town earlier after vaping some.

I am very pleased with this c-liquid however, at £20 for ml it seems a bit over priced considering there are cheaper, quality alternatives available.

C-liquid and thank Christ for it

So my local head shop have been selling c-liquid for some time but it never crossed my mind to try it, until the other day. I am slightly concerned about smoking research chemicals and strange plant matter, but if I get sick I have no one to blame but myself.
So with some small regard for my health a bought an e cig and 5ml of vanilla c-liquid.
Initially it took some getting used to, as with vaping cannabis I find I get a strong head high and no body load.
I’ve been using it for a few days now and I will continue to take my synthetic cannabanoids in this fashion as it feels much better on my lungs.
C-liquid is nothing new, there are brands such as buddah blues, buy any chemical’s version, K2 and mellow mood to name a few. I bought this one which doesn’t seem to be branded.
The beauty of the C-liquid is if you’re lucky enough to work for a company which doesn’t have a zero tolerance policy in place, you can slyly get away with it during those stressful moments (only if it doesn’t affect your work) or when you’re out and about.
It is only a matter of time before this one gets caught up in a ban so let us enjoy it responsibly while we still can.

The law trying to limit sales of research chemicals


Well as of the 9th of April the home office decided to ban sales of ethylphenidate, EP pellets, 3,4,CTMP and IPPD. Possession of these substances is not an offence but vendors have had their stock seized and apparently burnt by the police (what I was told by one head shop).
Apparently last Tuesday the police visited the head shops in Leeds in order to ASBO if you will them from selling research chemicals.


Whilst cannabanoids and benzos as well as all other RCs appear to be safe from this particular ban for now however I have also been told by one head shop they are to deplete their stock, meaning we may no longer be able to purchase legal drugs from our local head shops anymore, putting small shops out of business.
It appears that the home office have placed a 6 month ban on these chemicals whilst they gather enough evidence to outlaw them, as with previous designer drugs. But if the UK government with their insane new policies decide a blanket ban is to be put into place, the black market of the drugs trade will increase.
Since a shop opened in our local area there have been many incidents of people buying research chemicals without doing the research and ending up in A&E which has brought a lot of attention to research chemicals locally. I once called 111 as my housemate was seriously ill and there was a recorded message asking if any research chemicals had been ingested as obviously people were causing themselves harm.
Research chemicals need to stay off the government/NHS/media radar before a blanket ban is out into place. People need to use these chemicals responsibly and test small amounts for bad reactions before taking a recreational dose.
Currently my local head shop is still selling a reasonable range of research chemicals unlike Leeds however, the police could easily drop by tomorrow and ban their sales of chems.

Head shops – Leeds

So after a nasty bout of insomnia lasting several weeks and my local head shop running out of diclazepam, I went on the search for for a different head shop today to see what I could find. I would have been able to cope one more sleepless night but due to the bank holiday any postage would have been delayed, OTC sleep aids such as nytol and sominex do nothing for me so I went in search if something else before I can get to the doctors for a prescription.

Back a couple of years ago head shops mainly specialised in bongs and other smoking paraphernalia a long with the odd BZP pill or bag of Amsterdam shite that was basically just twigs and herbs. Since the increase in the research chemical market there are more and more head shops popping up across the UK.

I took a trip to Leeds city centre knowing of at least 3 head shops selling research chemicals. Being a bank holiday my first two port of calls; Dr Herman’s and Fantasia were both closed for the day. I had seen that there was a new head shop in Hyde Park called Rudeboy so thought I would see if this retailer could be my savior.

The shop is at the end of Hyde Park and not very noticeable, the owner was stood outside chatting to a window cleaner and politely invited me inside. It isn’t a large shop but I noticed that he had a reasonable amount of rc’s behind the counter.

In the past when trying to find legal benzos in a head shop I have been limited to etizolam (love it) and diclazepam (not so recreational) which is sold under the brand name “get calm and carry on”. Rudeboy’s had a much more interesting selection than other shops I had visited so I picked up some, nifoxipam (just tested it, quite subtle but pleasant), diclazepam for sleep, clonazolam, pyrazolam and flubromazepam (apparently I’m very brave).

I also picked up some herbal incense whilst I was there, sensate, spun out and clockwork orange reloaded. So far I have tried the sensate and whilst not overpowering it is quite a pleasant high and doesn’t taste like arse like some.

It would appear this is quite a new head shop, it is in an ideal location being near Hyde Park and the university so I don’t think there will be a great deal of competition with the other stores in Leeds city centre.

I would thoroughly recommend this shop, friendly owner, good prices and a good variety of products.