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DC Suicide Squad Trailer and the DC universe

The trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad film was shown at San Deigo comic con and then posted online within minutes. You can view the trailer here if you have been living under a rock for the last couple of days.

The premise of the film appears to be that Harley Quinn, Boomerang, deadshot, the jokerRick flag, enchantress, Amanda Waller, killer croc, Katana, slipknot, and El Diablo as well as the infamous Batman The super villains are locked in the Arkham Asylum run by secret government task force A.R.G.U.S who undertake dangerous military like tasks for the good of the nation? This is what is suggested in the trailer at least that A.R.G.U.S are working for the greater good although can’t be sure until the film is released in August 2016.

The supervillans are locked in a prison type institution by the government. It would appear that in the initial scene where Amanda Waller and Rick Flag are discussing a mission for the suicide squad, the government intends to use the team, but what for?

Fans have been going absolutely wild online about this trailer. The new joker, played by Jared Leto for example. I personally like this joker look, it is pretty dark and accurate to the character. However reading this article on Forbes, the writer says he is sick of the joker and feels that his presence is too strong for a muti supervillan movie, the focus will always be on him when he is on scene. Whilst I agree to some extent, yes the joker is a massive presence and does take the focus off other characters depending on how it is written/shot/directed. I personally think that Leto looks like an awesome joker and I really like the new look joker. 

Previous DC  work hasn’t really done it for me (more of a marvel fan) but it appears that they are getting back to what they are good at, dark supervillans. I personally think that DC had become a bit tame in comparison to earlier works in their comics and stories since the films became a large part of the franchise. Obviously the movies are marketed towards a different demographic and have been too commercially adapted and overly child friendly in my opinion, and suicide squad appears to be the turn around. Usually I don’t care about films but after watching the trailer to this along with my like of DC/Marvel I am genuinely excited. The idea of the Arkham asylum holding the supervillans I find quite fascinating, bringing out the darker side again. The asylum or “Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane” has appeared in many DC comics, having villains submitted for psychosis and then escaping (The Joker, Harley Quinn and the penguin have all escaped this asylum). In an interview earlier this year directory Ayer teased that the Arkham asylum would feature in the suicide squad, and quite heavily it would seem.

One thing picked up by fans is the possible Robin. This was mentioned to me yesterday by a friend who had seen the trailer and said he had found a scene with a Robin suit. As we remember Joker killed Batman’s Robins and Batman kept the suit in the bat cave as a reminder of his own personal failure. As you can see from this still: 

there is a Robin suit! The fact that the Robin suit has joke is on you painted on it suggests to me that Joker has killed himself another Robin, however this is mere speculation.

We also have the batman v superman film to look forward to. Caville and Affleck will resume their superhero roles in Dawn of Justice. this will be the first time we see the two meet as part of DC’s shared universe film franchise, so 2016 is looking good film wise for us geeks.

We have to wait a whole year for the release of this film so I hope it is worth it given the hype it has already received. What are your thoughts on the upcoming suicide squad film? Any ideas as to plot? Comment below!

On a relevant note our local RSPCA charity shop had this in the window: 

Initially due to financial issues and responsibilities I just kept walking past every day on my way to work desperately wanting some of it, but unjustified as it was I purchase some for me and my cousin as it his birthday this week, now I really want to kept it. So here is what I managed to pick up:  

Marvel’s greatest Gambit collectors pack still selead, includes comics Gambit#1-4.  

  Phoenix and Wolverine artwork by Ian Churchill 

 As well as a couple of spectacular Spider-Man comics from 1998. 

 It will be very upsetting when I have to give this to my cousin as a gift but I have made sure which ones I want 😉 obviously including the gambit set, he can have wolverine and the comics that don’t correspond closely with the others. Whilst I admit this is slightly selfish, he never buys me a gift and I think this is a good one which is enough justification from me.

Have you found any geeky treasures in your local charity shops or car boot sales? Let me know in the comment section.