Zeitgeist: a series of eye opening documentaries

Zeitgeist the documentary/movies enjoyed by all paranoid stoners!

I recently came across Zeitgeist Moving Forward, being stoned ad unable to sleep I thought I would give it a go. I had previously seen Zeitgeist: The Movie and Zeitgeist Addendum and movement announced by Peter Joseph (I am yet to see  Zeitgeist movement but will be trying to find it later today.

Firstly I will talk about my opinion on Moving Forward as this is the one still freshest in my mind (as fresh as it could possibly be on a Saturday afternoon).

They initially discussed nature vs nature and what effects your personality and and how affects in your childhood can have on adult life, there are various arguments from each side as to what has the biggest affect on a human’s development. There was one point that was mentioned was that if you didn’t pick up a baby for 10 weeks I believe (could be wrong) it will die (makes me wonder if that is slowly happening to me!) Haha. It also looked at the Venus project by Jacques Fresco; Fresco believes from research that we will run out of fossil fuels in the near future, he believes that mankind can still go on but needs to make drastic changes to the way we live our lives. He presented the venus project; this was an idea on how to rebuild cities that are technologically run, providing a more Eco friendly sewage and water system as well as limiting how far energy has to travel to reach it’s required location within the city.

This is only a brief overview of the documentary, I would thoroughly recommend watching it.

One thing that really stood out to me in this documentary was when discussing the insane workings of the bank system, everytime we borrow money we are creating debt, as all banks are done digitally when you set up a credit card with a £2,000 limit, they haven’t lend you that money, they have inputted a number to the system creating a further 2k of debt, none of it is real money.

The modern banking system is causing a great deal of stress to people world wide. The stress that people feel as a result of some greedy man’s idea to create money (please don’t ask what the alternative is), such a small percentage of high earners own most of the capital (sometimes at the expense of the little man see UK bank bonuses). The films showed one option of how to free ourselves from being slaves to the money.

A good quote was that that board room and all that money was there long before you and will be there when you are gone, what really makes you happy in life?

This scene I found particularly powerful;

I felt as if initially the police felt they were able to take down the situation, however worldwide protects spread out over people not wanting to be a slave to the financial system anymore.
It shows,all the cash piled up in front of a city bank. It made me think that in the next few years there is every chance of a revolution as people are able to communicate freely and people are starting to tire of the government and how they are treated.

Full movie available here:

Zeitgesit: The Movie

This was shockingly the first of the films I watched, it was many years ago but I can remember it quite well.

This documentary looks at various conspiracy theories such as the 9/11 attacks, Jesus Christ.

If I recall correctly, they compare the main religions (Islam,Christianity, Hindu etc and notice that each religions god has an awful lot in common. Birth dates are the same for different martyrs, stories are incredibly similar, the stories are also suspiciously similar which leads me to believe that there was one religion which who knows was true or not, people have then just changed what they didn’t like similar to the Church of England over the years to create different followings, and the information has been distorted over the years (this is purely my opinion).

The part which looks 9/11 was very interesting, there is a great deal of evidence presented in this film which would make anyone doubt the story given to us by the media, there are various discrepancies between reports from on flight calls. A cell phone shouldn’t be able to work at that altitude anyway. There are various reports from professionals saying that it is not possible for that damage to have been caused by a plane, within days of making these statements being made the employee would be sacked.

I personally don’t think it is as straight forward as Angry religious man crashes plane in twin towers, due to the lack of evidence at ground zero as well as reports from fire fighters reporting explosives being detonated in the building. Also, if you look at the building collapse if does appear that there are explosions throughout to take down the building as quickly as possible, when compared with the demolition of other buildings it doesn’t add up.

Full documentary available here:

Zeitgeist Addendum and movement announced by Peter Joseph:

This one focuses on the US banking system, how when you borrow money from a financial institution they are merely inputting numbers in a screen to create more debt, it is not actual physical money, you are creating a debt.

The final statement of this film is to bpoycott large banks. I believe if enough people were to unite we could make a change to this system which is only interested in it’s own corporate greed. If the world decided to reject the economy, what would actually happen?

Full documentary available here:

You can find the Zeitgeist films on Netflix or YouTube

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